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I've been thinking about post Jade Regent, Bestiary 3, Advanced Race Guide developments...and something came to me. I can't be the only person to think of this but eh, I'll toss it out there.

Psionics has been kinda the "maybe later" product. Well, I think we're finally into the later territory. But not just psionics, but a whole slew of other weird character ideas that might not be core Golarion or Pathfinder friendly. Valid, but not mainstream.

So the idea: Alternative Players Guide! But not only that, but a whole years worth of tie-in products!

Here is what I envision broken down:

Alternative Players Guide - Psionic rules and clases, perhaps the Artificer (or a archtype Wizard), stranger archtypes like a construct summoner, technology domains, planer wizard schools, more mutant bloodlines, advanced bomb options, construct/aberation/etc ranger & druid pets. Aberration Druids, Construct familiars, etc.

A whole AP set in Numeria! Start with dealing with the Technic League and work your way to a fight with the MECHA Scorpion and finally stealing a spaceship from the Silver Mount and blasting off to an alien world to stop an invasion as the endcap.

Numeria Setting Book - Breakdown of the nation of Numeria, the Technic League traits & benefits, and maybe some critters that use varient rules or weirdness.

Aberration Book - Just like the recent Undead suppliment, but giving more details on the Aberration side of the coin. Maybe with loads more Dark Tapestry critter updates.

Gazetter of the Planets - A nice full breakdown of the other words and advanced write ups on what to expect there. Not to mention ways of traveling to the world from Golarion.

I know just doing a Psionics book to do one is a bad idea, but how does this whole product line w/tie-in idea sound instead?

i like it.

i actually just posted a class i created in this other thread whose idea would basically fit that book. you can check it out here.

is a great idea

I would like to add something I really like to see a line level 20+ epic/immortal setting

the artificer and psion is one of my favorite classes from 3.5

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