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With all the recent improvements, I was wondering: have you guys given any further thought to the issue of alias management?

Even if it's just the ability to remove aliases from the 'Post As' drop-down (by unchecking aliases under 'My Account'), that would still be a tremendous help.

Also, now that our aliases are in alphabetical order at the top of our profile pages, is there any chance we could get them sorted in alphabetical order on the 'My Accounts' page too? Allowing that list to be sortable by Name OR Creation Date should satisfy just about everyone I'd imagine.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Whoops, hadn't realized aliases weren't sorted there. They will be the next time we roll the site. As to better alias management, well, at least it's on the todo list now.

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Much obliged Gary. We PbP GMs can have quite a time of trying to uh... find our voice. ;)

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