New Artifact: Type 40 TARDIS


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Type 40 TARDIS [Time and Relative Dimension in Space]

Aura overwhelming conjuration; CL epic

Slot none; Weight -

The TARDIS is the last of many created by a very technologically advanced people known as Time Lords. The Time Lords have since become lost in time (quite literally). A blue "police box", the TARDIS is a strange box, approximately 10 feet tall, and 5 feet for it's depth and width. It has doors that open outward and can be locked shut with a key. The doors to the TARDIS, however, open to very large extra-dimensional space. Upon entry, you enter the control room, but there are a great many other rooms and corridors, including a massive wardrobe with virtually any clothing combination you could desire, sleeping quarters, power stations, libraries, art gallerias, alternate control rooms, a swimming pool, a greenhouse, a medical bay, and many others.

The control room consists of a column-like time rotor, with controls arranged in a circular bench around this column. The controls are built to be operated by six individuals, although one can manage with some difficulty. Above the controls there are various monitors and scanners that display information for the pilots.

The TARDIS's main ability by far is it's ability to travel through space, time, and dimensions. The TARDIS is capable of traveling to any location on any plane of existence, and at any time in that plane's timeline. However, as a type 40 TARDIS, it is rather old and obsolete, and often seems to be difficult to pilot accurately. In fact, the TARDIS is a living sentient creature that percieves time and space in a much different manner than most creatures, and often takes it's occupants where they are needed instead of where they actually desire to go. Wherever the TARDIS lands will, at least initially, be a relatively safe point of entry/exit for any passengers.

The TARDIS is capable of becoming temporarily invisible, although this is a significant power drain. When fully active, the TARDIS's outer defenses are impenetrable, and it can create an external force field (treat as a wall of force surrounding the TARDIS). Force fields can also be created within the TARDIS interior. The TARDIS's Cloister Bell is a signal used in the event of wild catastrophes and sudden calls to man the battle stations. The TARDIS also grants passengers the ability to speak and understand any languages that they encounter during their travels, even if far removed from the TARDIS.

I haven't really come up with a good "Destruction" idea for it yet. Any other Doctor Who fans want to suggest additions? I do have one more DOctor Who magic item....the Wand of GM Fiat, aka the Sonic Screwdriver.

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To destroy the a type 40 tardis, create a small universe/demi-plane/or the like, place the tardis in that universe, and destroy the universe.

Grand Lodge

The Daleks seemed to do a good job of destroying the TARDIS within the burning core of their planet-sized ship the Crucible before Donna and the regenerated "Doctor-Donna" got it started again and vanished before it was destroyed...

Shadow Lodge

moon glum wrote:
To destroy the a type 40 tardis, create a small universe/demi-plane/or the like, place the tardis in that universe, and destroy the universe.

Of course, in destroying a TARDIS, you will fracture the multiverse with the Cracks of Doom, which erase from history all that falls within them, and eventually expant to devour the entire multiverse.

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