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Around December this question came up and I don't believe it was ever answered: does a human sorcerer under the words of power rules who takes the favored class bonus from the APG get a bonus spell or a bonus word?

I am very curious about this as well, I have to decide if I am going to switch to words of power for my Sorcerer and this is key.

I think my DM will rule that you pick one or the other at character creation, but I would love to be able to mix and match. There are so many things that spells do better than words (like haste)

James Jacobs wrote:
Swivl wrote:
If using words of power as a sorcerer, would the human favored class bonus from the APG grant a new spell or would it give you a new effect or meta word?
Nope. Words of power are different than spells.

I can't help but feel slightly let down by this. Combine it with the fact that sorcerers also get bloodline spells (and oracles with mystery spells), there's no way that the classes best suited for words of power to go "all in". I'm sure I'll appreciate the option to take spells using this method later on in order to utilize effects not easily reproduced or simply not possible with words of power as written. It just feels like an incomplete idea.

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