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Frank Mentzer has never been one of my go-to designers, getting real active in TSR a little late for me, but he sure seems like a good guy and gives some nice reminiscences in this podcast.


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BUMP No. the 2.

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Thanks for the link. I listened and enjoyed his talk. His last few lines were really good. "People would say, 'You mean we could really get you to come?' And I'd say, sure. I'm 60 years old, I'm not working regularly, and I love to game. And if you introduce yourself, I'm not Mr. Mentzer. I'm Frank, and I'm a gamer."

Or something like that. Anyway, he seems like a pretty mellow fella.

I listened to it when you first posted. I thought it was pretty good. I like hearing about the history of the game and I think this makes a pretty good listen for anyone with similar interests.

There's another Frank Mentzer "back when I worked for TSR" interview out there somewhere that was also interesting. Maybe at Roll for Initiative? (And also an illustrator gave the same interview, so it was cool to hear two perspectives with some of the same stories. I want to say it was Larry Elmore.) If I find it, I'll post it here as well, though it is older. Frank came along a big late in the game for me to have been a fan of his, but he sounds like a great guy. He's a guest at the North Texas RPG Con this weekend, but it came too soon in my recovery, so no meeting Frank for me.

That was very informative. Thanks for posting it, Mairkurion. I forwarded it along to my gaming group, a bunch of old school gamer types.

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