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I started a thread rather badly the other day, which devolved rapidly into yet another (sigh) discussion of what was The One True Game. I would like to try again, hopefully without the flames:

I found a post >here< where someone claiming to have worked on developing World of Warcraft materials for the TTRPG market was going to do some in a Pathfinder vein.

In a like fashion, I am a casual devotee of several MMORPGs. I have a few of the TTRPG conversions, but I was hoping mayhap we could have a discussion or a post up of what elements of the MMORPG 'fluff' would be good for conversion into Pathfinder.

So my question is: What would you like to see Pathfinderized? A monster, an item, an NPC? Does anyone have any homebrew stuff they'd like to share?

I would like to see the Pathfinderization of some Lord of the Rings Online classes, monsters and magic items. There are some very unusual and odd things in that game, especially at the higher levels that are pretty cool (although the Good Professor is probably spinning in his grave over it).

Years ago I converted to D&D some elements of Dark Age of Camelot (one of the best games of all time).
Most of the conversions were character races, classes concepts and monsters, which fit my campaign setting, semi-historical, therefore easily compatible with DAoC.

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White Wolf under the Swords and Sorcery label published two versions of the game, one for the D+D 3.0 rules called Warcraft RPG Dw0, and a second edition for 3.5, being an OGL release called the World of Warcraft RPG which spawned a fair sized line of books before White Wolf terminated it's D20 lines when WOTC pulled the plug on 3.5. The books are out of print but are available on PDF in outlets like DriveThruRPG.

A good deal of that work could be used pretty much as is.

All that was on EnWorld was someone announcing some unauthorised work. I'm not sure why he mentioned Final Fantasy Flight Games as that company never had anything to do with any Warcraft paper and dice product.

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