The Schir - And how the hell do they calculate its Jump skill?

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Hey All,

Through the use of Herolab, I found that there was a lack of stats for the Schir used in HotCK. After working through it and entering a new race into Herolab, it got me to thinking how the hell the Schir got its "Jump" skill up to +44.

This is what I cam up with.

Base Move: 30'
Relevant Attribute: DEX 14 (+2)
Class Skill: Acrobatics 6 Ranks (as its a 6HD Creature)

This gives it a +8.

Now it has "Expedious Retreat" as an at will giving the creature an additional 30' move. I am going to assume this gives an additional +12 to its Acrobatics skill for jumping as per RAW. To save you looking it up, its an extra +4 per additional 10' of base move over the 30' of a standard character.

That's a total skill of +20 thus far.

Now it also has the "Jump" Spell as at at will at caster Level 6, which gives it an extra +20 to Acrobatics.

That's a total skill of +40 thus far.

It also has the "Run" Feat which gives an additional +4 to Acrobatics skill.

That's a huge total skill of +44. Is that right?

This is doing my head in.

Nice, isn't it. It's really fun when he jumps right over the front line of tanks in the party to directly attack the casters.

High jump of 11' (6' tall character +5' to clear attacks of opportunity) = DC 44 (DC16 at 4', +4 for every extra foot).

Kezurkian can clear normal height characters with ease, and even 8' tall creatures most of the time. Scared the crap out of my players when he cleared the front row of fighters *and* the gnolls they were engaged with, to beat on the party healer.

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