Experienced RP player looking for either a Pbp or Skype / Ventrillo style party

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Hello All,

As the title of the post suggests I'm an experienced player of over 10 years - I do DM however with my own setting but would prefer to keep it tabletop at the moment until I grow more comfortable with the "online" method - and have much to offer any group in terms of role-play and character interaction.

My play-style, albeit reserved at times is always accompanied by a caustic but ultimately good-natured humor - honestly it's just too tempting to resist a perfectly placed pun or situational critique, and lets be honest we all need those words of hope, that when in times of unprecedented strife after the untimely and tragic death of the halfling bard who's overinflated ego finally proved detrimental whilst attempting to bluff that menopausal red dragon under the assumption he still had his ring of fire resist, to point out the terrible irony of his hilarious, yet tragic downfall, "if only he had known that I stole that ring a ten-day ago to buy him those hookers, I would have told him but he seemed so confidant afterwards... perhaps too confidant" *looks off into the distance stoically*

*coughs* well now back to my earlier point, I would enjoy a "homebrew" campaign or the default pathfinder setting so long as you keep it fresh and interesting, I don't intend this to be an insult but I find pre-generated modules to be somewhat... distasteful, I'd like their to be a reason your campaign is different than those hundreds of others run - although I do understand time limitations and the ease a module can provide, I would just ask for some personalization - I only mention this because of some, shall we say less than "creative" sessions with an old acquaintance of mine...

Either way if you need a player just contact me or send a post, and if I sound it in my previous post I'd like to dis-spell any belief of haughtiness, I'm neither picky, nor an ass... just embittered. hehehe

looking forward to hearing your replies =p

Shadow Lodge

I'm not running anything at this point in the format you're looking for, but you could drop this guy a line here.

Scarab Sages

I am going to be starting an online game soon.

Check out my thread for more information

Check out the game run by Trennik. He is posting in this forum. You will be left in awe.

It is a dark, home-brew with extremely rich details and colorful characters.

If you are not serious or are not up to the task, then please don't consider it.

Click here for the link to it.

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