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Liberty's Edge

Having been betrayed by one of his companions, Caison Poriat takes it upon himself to track down the mysterious scroll that has cost the lives of at least two Pathfinders and the sanity of another.

Check out Part 4 of Spit and Polish at the Pathfinder Chronicler.

And you can still catch up with Caison and find out how he got here.

The Exchange

Guys, everyone at Pathfinder Chronicler worked so hard on the piece. Please give it a look. You will not be disappointed. Curn really through himself into this one and we edited the dickens out of it. Curn really impresses me over and over.

Discovered this site just yesterday. Have just had to get back out of bed to read the end of this, (and read The Scoundrels of Katapesh and have to be up in five hours.)

Excellent stuff, guys. :)

Liberty's Edge

Thanks! We really appreciate your comments.

I hope the stories were worth the lost sleep.

Keep checking back for continuing stories, and plesae let us know what you like and what we can do better.

The Exchange

We appreciate the feedback. I'll have to get a whip out for charlesD to finish what he started there in Scoundrels of Katapesh.

Liberty's Edge

It has taken Caison a long time to get here, what with the Pathfinder Chronicler fiction contest intervening and all, but at last Part 5 of Spit and Polish is up at the Chronicler.

And since it's been so long, make sure to read or reread Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , and Part 4.

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