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So, I have a tiefling witch in my game and we came upon the disguise hex.

The tiefling, with Disguise Self, can change their subtype from Native to, say... Angel, Extraplanar and Good and appear as an Astral Deva.

So now they appear as an astral deva. I noticed in disguise, they only get a -2 for being "another race" which I'm unsure of, but there are no other real modifiers for appearing as an angel. Disguise opposed by perception, so most NPCs will see a manifestation of good and righteousness in front of them and...

It's there where I'm not sure how to handle it. Would they flee? Would they fight the angel?

What if they turned into a barbed devil... same general difficulty and power. What then?

What would other DMs do in this situation?

I am not sure that disguise self can do that much.

I am reading one foot taller or shorter
also no abilities or mannerisms

So most common folk know an angel or devil has a certain aura....

Also the reading of you can not change your creature type but you can change your subtype sounds odd, and very unclear.

The reaction is it depends who the NPC in front of them is....

KenderKin wrote:
So most common folk know an angel or devil has a certain aura....

The commoner in question couldn't make the Knowledge: Planes check to know what the devil or angel is. CR 14, so 10+14 = DC 24 Know: Planes to know what an Astral Deva or a Barbed Devil is. If they don't make that, they still get the gist of it-- a messenger of holy power or a harbinger of unholy might are standing there looking angry.

The whole point is that, no, the disguised tiefling or aasimar can do nothing to back up their claim, but they can see an incredibly powerful monster just kind of looming up ready to take them to pieces. If I was a Chaotic Evil level three thief trying to jack some old lady's purse and a Solar appeared, I would be gone before he could stop glowing.

This trick would probably not work versus a paladin.

On a seperate note, the Hell Gigas in PF AP#30 has an at-will disguise self and I'd be interested to know what he'd use it for...

I would also like to thank this thread for making me aware that Planetar angels, who possess a 90 ft. (good) flight, have a constant detect snares and pits active on themselves.

They would run away/

yo guys that the first ever advice post. WOOHOO MAN


You managed to dig up something older than I am.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:


You managed to dig up something older than I am.

So you're 6?

There you go, then.

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