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Do creatures summoned (a Celestial Eagle for example) cast by a LG cleric, gain the 'good' and/or 'lawful' subtype for purposes of penetrating DR/good or DR/lawful?

Err... you'd have to check the Celestial template description. If I remember correctly, no they do not.

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Actually you do get the defenses scaling with their level.

Cold, Acid, Electricity Resist 5
DR none

Cold, Acid, Electricity Resist 10
DR 5/Evil

Cold, Acid, Electricity Resist 15
DR 10/Evil

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edit; Oh wait...you meant for like their attacks. Hrmm... let me dig deeper.

From the simple template I don't think they do gain the Good or Lawful type, but with their smite evil ability they can bypass any DR of the evil creature.

Technically, any creature with the Celestial or Fiendish template gains the respective subtype, which also applies to all natural attacks. So yes, they count as Good or Evil depending which they summon, but Lawful and Chaotic subtypes are uncertain. However, the Manual Of The Planes has "Axiomatic (lawful)" and "Anarchaic (chaotic)" templates which make them neither Good or Evil subtype but they have either their Lawful or Chaotic subtype. So they can bypass respectively (for Celestial creatures) DR/Good and (for Fiendish creatures) DR/Evil.

That same subtype prevents them from attacking warded creatures with the respective "Protection from Good/Evil" spell, but as to the Lawful or Chaotic aspects, the template is unclear but in the previous 3.5 they never did get it there either so no.

Half Fiends/Half Celestials dont gain those subtypes, their natural /unarmed attacks do count as magic for bypassing Magic DR if they have DR/Magic themselves which they do.

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