Beast Form Spells, and Sorcerer abilities.

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Ok, so I've read Beast Form I - IV, and I'm a little confused. Do I retain all of my abilities when I shift form? For example, if I'm a wizard, can I still cast spells? If I have levels in Barbarian, can I still rage? I know I can't attack with my weapons, but do I use my own base attack bonus and ability score to work out my attack bonuses?

Also, with the Sorcerer bloodline abilities, some of them deal damage on this is written as, for example, "1d6 fire damage +1 per every 2 sorcerer levels". Let's say I'm a 6th level Sorcerer. Does this ability deal 3d6 + 3 fire damage, or 1d6 + 3 fire damage? The language used is a little confusing.

Thanks in advance for the help. :)

Read this. That should answer about all your questions.

If you can wield/hold weapons (like an Ape can) you CAN use your own (manufactured) weapons (by dropping them when transforming and picking them up once in your new form), though if you are a different Size, the 'wrong Size' penalty applies.

"You deal 1d6 fire damage + 1 per 2 levels" I don't find that wording at all confusing.
The reading you are suggesting is possible would only be indicated by:
"You deal 1d6+1 fire damage per 2 levels". See the difference?

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