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Had a moment pop up in a game where a PC was trying to pick a lock. COmbat was happening around the PC and a enemy cleric did a negative energy burst, doing minor damage to everyone around them, including the lock picker.

One of the players asked if there was a save/concentration type roll for the lock picker. Curious, we took a few minutes to check but could not find any. (I let the action pass, as the combat was winding down and I simply let the lock be picked.)

So, are there any RULES about concentration checks or something (perhaps added difficulty) when someone takes damage while trying to do a skill, like picking a lock?


As far as I know, there is no such rule. Concentration (p206) is mentionned to cast spells. A Rogue uses his Dexterity to open a lock - not his Int/Wis.

That said, if you disagree, you can easily adapt the rules to add the damage received by the rogue to the DC of the lock to pick, to demonstrate that such an action DOES requires both dexterity, and the ability to focus on a task, while trying to ignore combat around you!


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