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OK folks, I know there are a lot of character generators out there, but most are either downloadable software or excel based, which are not ideal solutions for many folks.

So my question to you all is this: how many folks are interested in a truly web based generator? That is, a site that will allow you to generate a character and download the finished character as a PDF or other format. Aside from PDF, is there any other format that folks would be interested in? Any preference re: storage of the finished character information?

I figured I would bounce the question out there before I jumped in (it is no small project, after all).

Also, for the Paizo folks, as this would be offered up as a free service, which license should I run with? And is everything within the PFRPG core book valid for use in a character generator?

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My current players, and two other "potential" players we're talking with, would love this. I was just having a conversation with my best friend the other day- he expressed frustration that most of the character sheets he's seen were in PDF, and that he hasn't found an Excel sheet he really likes. He was looking for a web-based version, to no avail.

I know it would be more difficult, but being able to store your character(s) would be a great feature.

This would be great. It'd be nice if it could save as a text file, too.

Sovereign Court

OK, I'll get started on this. It may take a bit of time to get it all put together. Keep your eyes out and I'll let y'all know when I have the core rules set up for the character generator.

Also, Paizo staff question, which license should I be using for this project?

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