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Hey all.

I have a player who is playing a Draconic Sorcerer and is going into the Disciple PrC. One thing we noticed is that the bite damage is never stated, other than adding the Strength bonus. At this point, I am assuming it is the same as claw damage (1d4), but would love to know other opinions or facts....

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I'd say the bite does 1d6 since that's the damage a medium half dragon would do with his bite attack (they also deal 1d4 points of damage with each claw).

I agree; most medium creatures do 1d6 bite damage and 1d4 claw damage.

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I also agree that the bite should likely do 1d6 damage. From the Bestiary Preview, you have;

Dire Bat (Large creature): Bite does 1d8
Riding Dog (Medium creature): Bite does 1d6
Dog (Small creature): Bite does 1d4
Crag Linnorm (Gargantuan creature): Is cool

So there you have it. ;)

My suggestion would just be to have it deal the same damage as the claw attack.

Considering he can only use the attack 3+CHA times per day give him 1d12 :)

(Still a little grumpy about that limit)

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