Sneak Attack in Core different from Beta!?

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In the Beta PF, we had a side note which said that sneak attack was possible against almost all creatures, expending from what D&D3.5 permitted.

Yet, in the new Core Rule book, I did not see such a mention... Has Sneak Attack reverted back to what it was in D&D3.5?


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The previews of the besriary show us that there isn't a differnce between beta and final. I believe that sidebar was more for informational purposes for people switching to PFRPG from 3.5. As it's own ruleset they probably deemed the sidebar unessecary.

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Precision damage (sneak attack among others) works now against everything except:

Incorporeal Undead

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I didn't see it covered in the Core Rulebook, but the conversion guide states:

Conversion Guide wrote:

Note that the rogue sneak attack ability now functions against most constructs, plants, and undead. It does

not function against oozes, elementals, and incorporeal undead.

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