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- Move less than half and remain flying...
- Hover
- Turn greater than...
- Fly up...

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It doesn't specifically say, but since the DCs are to do things outside the standard limit, then you just don't do those things- so you have to move half your speed, only turn 45 degrees etc.

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As stated above, the rolls are only there if you want to do something outside the normal restrictions of flying. If you fail the roll, you are limited to normal flight movements instead.


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A GM could rule that a critical fumble on any of those checks is a potential hazard, I would imagine.


I think it also depend very much on what you're flyling. Dangling upside down on your broomstick? Bad. Dangling upside down on your skittish new hippogriff? Really bad.

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Dangling upside down from the jewels of a pissed off Ancient Red Dragon...


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