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I know that evil characters are not allowed in the Pathfinder society, but are neutral characters that worship evil deities allowed?

I'm thinking about creating a LN Chelaxian defector worshiping Zon-Kuthon in Andoran. Would that be legal?

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I believe the answer is "yes, but ...".

Certainly a Chelaxian LN cleric of Asmodeus is permitted, but I suspect a follower of Zon-Kuthon may raise a few more eyebrows, particularly in fluffy-puppy-land.

I suspect there are very few neutral followers of ZK, certainly far fewer than there are LN followers of Asmodeus. ZK's not the most socially well-adjusted deity, even by evil standards.

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I think I'm just going to play it safe then...

One more quck question: are home-brewed flavor elements allowed as long as they do not affect the gameplay itself?

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Interesting question. As background flavor, I say that my halfling wizard was previously a human (Chelaxian). She was polymorphed into a halfling as punishment when she was caught trying to steal a magical brazier from one of her professors at the arcane academy. I simply made her, rules-wise, as a halfling wizard. No one has said anything to me about the background (i.e. about it not being legal); in fact it rarely even come up at the table.


I'm sorry to say that I'm not particularly knowledgable about organised play. But just wanted to thank The Eldritch Mr Shiny for the thread title as it created some wonderfully odd mental images when I read it. As for the character concept I think it could work if you played him as one of Zon Kuthon's clerics who was only really in it for the social standing but had perhaps got sick of Cheliax in general. It's a cool idea for a PC but I can't imagine there would b many neutral clerics like him. Still I like the idea.

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