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Can someone help me identify what I must to to enable the copy function to work with Dungeon #139 Online PDF Supplement? After downloading the 17MB high resolution document, I wish to copy the heraldric house shields, but when doing so, only a portion of the graphic highlights in blue, as though divided behind-the-scenes. This may be an easy fix, and a silly question, but is there something I can do to get the square marquis to highlight the graphic all at once, or is there something more to these strange blue smaller fractional highlights that won't allow me to highlight the whole image?

You on a Mac or PC?

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Pax Veritas wrote:
Can someone help me...

I'm pretty sure that problem got fixed in 4e.

Sorry, couldn't resist. >:)


Destro Fett wrote:
You on a Mac or PC?

If using a Mac, then you can use the Select tool in Preview rather than Acrobat Reader to marquee-select an area to copy rather than just a Paizo-cut jpg segment.

I'll try to figure out the Reader version soon.


EDIT - My Mac version of Acrobat Reader is 7.0.5, but I presume the PC version has the same functionality. There is a "snapshot" button that lets you select a region of the page to copy to the clipboard.

Make sure you're using the most recent version of Acrobat. I encountered the same problem you are having some time ago using an older version. Now I can't even replicate the problem :-)



Assuming you are using a PC...

If you're using a version of Acrobat Reader older than 8.0, update it.

Open the page you want to copy the images from, click TOOLS, SELECT & ZOOM, then SNAPSHOT TOOL.

Click and drag a rectangle around what you want to copy, and let go of the mouse button. It will make a sound to announce it has copied it. Then switch to your favourite image editing program, and paste it into a new image.

That should do the trick.

Snapshot tool is your friend.

Sovereign Court

First, thanks Skeld, for the laugh....

Second, thanks to both of you. I was indeed able to just grab what I wanted with Tools> Zoom > Snapshot tool.

Thanks again. You've saved me time.

Any time.

Yay. I'm helping!

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