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I picked up a lot of D&D miniatures over the years, and I idly looked at the actual DDM game rules. I never found anybody else who wanted to play a game, though.

I understand that the new edition of D&D has brought a new edition of D&DM. Can anybody tell me (a) how the rules have changed, and (b) how it affects your opinion of the game?

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I guess not.

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When I get some more time to post I can tell you some of the differences. A complete overview would take a while.

In short however I feel that the first rules set for DDM was easier to learn. There are a LOT of different effects to track now.

DDM 2.0 is more like 4E than DDM 1 was 3.5E. The rules were made to go together this time.

To be honest I have a steep learning curve for playing 2.0.

Well time to put the kids in bed. I will try to post more tomorrow.

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I'd have to say the rules don't appear much different. I have a blast playing the 1.0 rules, and the 2.0 rules seem to have few differences. To whit:
1) Initiative is almost the same, though the highest champion rating (formerly commander rating) rolls two dice and picks. No more +Comd on the roll.
2) First person after initiative only activates one model, then two by two begins after.
3) Fewer models have multiple attacks (barring special abilities), but by the same token, there seems to be no models with damage reduction.
4) Movement has been streamlined, where it's one space for one move. No more 1-2-1 diagonal movement.
5) Factions have changed a lot, where you've got four factions which many models overlap into. Borderlands, wilderness, civilized and underdark. Then there's good, evil and unaligned models, so you can have some really interesting mix ups on the same warband.
Ummm, let's see, can't think of too much else that's radically different. They seem to have shifted abilities and such to the cards more, rather than have them in the rulebook.

I haven't had too much of a chance to throw down with the new rules, so my expertise is not 100%, but the game feels much the same, sort of a wargaming 'lite.' Still fun, still fast, which is the reason I play it, as a break from heavy wargames like Warmachine or Warhammer. It's also fun for the family, or when you and the group want to break out a few brews and have some light gaming.

I don't know 4th edition, save a skim through of the PHB, so I can't compare the game's mechanics to that.

My rambling, nutshell summary boils down to: some differences in game play, same fun, have at 'er. If you're ever in Victoria, BC, drop me a line and we can throw down.

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