Any Claremont NH / Springfield VT area gamers?

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I am looking mature(personality-wise, not necessarily age-wise) group to join for a semi-regular gaming. I'd like to play once or twice a month, maybe more often on occasion, but I don't want to tie up ALL my free time with gaming (I do have other interests, and I'm the wife does want me around sometimes). I'd prefer to stay within a half-hour or so driving distance from home.

It has been years since I've been involved with a stable, long-running group and I am really missing being in a good, fun game.

I am open to most systems but I enjoy 3.5, Mutants & Masterminds and Traveller (I have T20 avail, most of my other Traveller versions are packed away). I wouldn't mind World of Darkness (I have most of the nWoD core books avail) as long as it isn't too teenage-y angst-y.

I currently am not able to host any game sessions (small house, with a bunch of repairs needed - making it effectively even smaller).

Any interest, please post here and then we'll see if we want to set up a meeting.

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I'm down in Brattleboro VT, maybe 45 minutes away from Springfield.
I'm interested in getting into a Pathfinder RPG game this summer, but definitely not until July, as the entire month of June is going to be consumed by my wedding and honeymoon.
In the mean time, though my internet access is limited, I'm always open to gaming chat.
Feel free to reach me at or
piraticaltaoism at gmail dotcom

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I just came across this post and I am wondering if there is any interest still in gamers in this area. I come from Claremont, NH and I just recently moved to Springfield, MA. The group I game with has two players from Claremont (old friend), 2 near the Brattleboro, VT area, and myself. We are going to begin gaming on a 3 - 5 week basis (basically monthly) by moving location. Eventually it will probably be near Brattleboro as it is about a 45 minutes drive from Claremont and where I live.

We play Pathfinder, typically the Adventure Paths. We vary in age from 21 to 35 so if you are interested we could use an extra player!

Email me at

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