Dungeon and Dragon Blunder

4th Edition

This is a serious question for the Paizo guys and gals.

Why did WOTC pull Dungeon and Dragon (print versions) BEFORE the release of 4E? (do you have any idea?)

Personally I am open-minded and hopeful about a 4th Edition, but thats not the topic here. Giving as much benefit of the doubt as I can, I still can't uncover a GOOD reason to not utilize the most popular gaming print magazines to preview/promote the new edition of D&D.

In fact it seems to be a HUGE blunder, and also kind of a no brainer one would think, what's up?

I'm not here to bash WOTC, just what are they thinking? I'm 25+ year gamer and I don't get it.

the problem is, there is no good time to kill an institution like the D&D magazines. it was either right now, at the end of the last adventure path, or wait until 4.0 started, using the magazines to hype it, and drop the bomb, which would probably have pissed people off even more. Also I'm sure Piazo would have been like "huh, what, why?" if wotc only offered them a 1 year contract on doing the mags this time around.

To encourage people to 'buy into' this Digital Initiative thingie.

Of course, if this is a troll, then I heartily agree. WotC is teh suck!

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I'd imagine part of the reason was that Paizo's license was expiring at that time anyways. WotC extended it a few months, at (AFAIK) Paizo's request, but the license was for a set period of time.

Well, I guess I just see alot of people (like myself) that aren't opposed to 4E, but can agree that Wizards hasn't done a good job of announcing/hyping the new edition.

Dragon Magazine has been the flagship when it comes to previewing big changes like a new edition of the game or a new campaign world (like Eberron), and for a good reason.. it worked, at least it always worked for me.

A new edition of the game is a BIG change, re-envisioning Dragon and Dungeon is a BIG change, promising a 'Digital Initiative' worthy of gaming dollars is a BIG initiative. Trying to launch all three at the same time leaves me very concerned about the end result. Hopefully the start isn't an indicator of the finish.

Why not extend the Paizo license for a year to launch 4E, then tackle Dragon and Dungeon.

Maybe I am missing something here...

Haven't been around this board long, huh? :)

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CourtFool wrote:
Haven't been around this board long, huh? :)

Look who's talking.

Oh, and welcome to the boards Dan. We can always use another person who thinks WotCs PR abilities suck ass.

Thanks for the welcome A-Z. I truly wish they didn't suck, as I would like to be BLOWN AWAY excited for 4E.

And I'd like to see cool previews in a PRINT issue of Dragon!!!

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I've bought Dragon then dungeon magazine for as long as I can remember. Part of the appeal, for me anyways, of D&D has always been the "library" collection. I have bought a LOT of bad products for the sake of my library. My grandfather had every issue of National Geographic. HIS father (my great-grandfather) subscribed the day his son was born, and it was a treasure to my grandfather. I thought to do the same with dragon at the very least, perhaps even dungeon. Imagine a great-grandson reading the dragon magazines about The isle of Dread!

Dragon and Dungeon have had their ups and downs. When Paizo first got the license my initial response was "wtf?!?!? What the heck is up with that logo? Paizo? what is this this, the Soprano's version?" But I have to say, Paizo has done a fantastic job.

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