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Stick And Stones May Break Your Bones, But These Words Will Do Far Worse!

Truespeech, power words, truenames, and other forms of magical language are omnipresent in our myths and legends. Magic titles and words of power have tremendous power when backed by a bit of magic and the will to enforce it. The Elderspeech system for Pathfinder 1st Edition creates a unique system to create a flexible, but not overly complex (like power words), system for use in your game!

-Complete Elderspeech Subsystem ready for easy integration into your next game or character! Use it for a single character or a whole setting!
-3 New Base Classes!
-7 New Feats!

New Base Classes:
-Linguist: Masters of language who can speak with anyone and can employ elderspeech to influence the actions of their foes!
-Truenamer: Spellcasters able to decipher a foe’s truename and pick them apart with superpowered spells (if they know the right words in elderspeech to describe their target...)!
-Epithet: A student of elderspeech who modifies their own truename to make a super-flexible character who can fill many roles!

-Page Count: 33 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 30 content)
-PDF Optimized (Single Page and Full Spread Versions Included)

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