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Born Under a Wandrin' Star!

The Wanderer is a brand-new class for Pathfinder Second Edition, a versatile traveler trusting to luck, grit, and tenacity to see their way through any challenge they meet before taking once more to the endless road. Wanderers may be fierce sharpshooters, free blades with no master, gruff outlaws, or simply on the lookout to keep the peace from those who would trouble it. Their resolve and perseverance in the face of the bleakest odds make them reliable allies and implacable foes. This exciting 20-level class may follow class paths like the Marksman or Peacekeeper, wielding a deadly array of class features like Deny Advantage, Steely Demeanor, Masterful Technique, and Return the Favor, with 75 fantastic class feats from Devastating Impact, Pistol Twirl, and Warrior Poet to Loyal Ally, Rub Some Dirt on It, and You're Next! You'll also find a selection of brand-new weapons and a full Wanderer Dedication for other classes to adopt some of the wanderer's unique set of skills. If you've been looking to play a blade-wielding Bride or a Man with No Name, the wanderer is the perfect class for you. Grab this incredible 24-page Pathfinder 2E class book by Anthony Saunders today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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BRB gotta get someone's name engraved on my sword


The Wonderer! Full of awe and epiph-wait, wrong class, the WANDERER!

Sorry for the ramble let's check this out.

The Wanderer is a martial, a defensive/avenger counterpart to the Swashbuckler to be succinct but that wouldn't really be accurate.

Aside from the Paths their Feats to either be either themed around their core Reaction Return the Favor (smack some fools that hurt your friends), intimidate meta, and the Parry trait. Not gonna go giving a thumbs-up/down for every feat (there's 75... that's a lot ), but pointing out ones that catch my eye.

But first the Paths, which affects their other class mechanic Grit, normally you only gain it when you roll initiative outside of your Path specialties.

The Marksman gets guns, can use guns, and you reGrit (horrible blend, like mayo and mocha, will think on something more apropos) when you reload after shooting someone.

The Outlaw gets outlawish skills, the outlawish poker skill feat to hide stuff on your personage, and get your Grit back when you hit someone whose flat-footed.

The Peacekeeper likes to talk about stuff, they're trained in Diplomacy and can go on and on how disappointed they are in you like a caring Abuela (and can also use Diplo for all their Intimidate focused Wanderer Feats). They get Grit back when dealing nonlethal and can use maneuvers for their Reaction.

THE RONIN (my personal favourite if you couldn't tell... I'll tell you anyway, IT IS) you get Access to a single Uncommon stabber or hacker and are trained in Athletics and Diplomacy so you suplex someone having a debate with you just like Plato intended. When greater awesomeness comes greater restraints however as they only regain Grit when they Strike someone and then Stride/Step after, so you gotta style on your opponents. Speaking of they can move as part of their Reaction, so Stationary isn't something they really have to worry about.

At the halfway mark you learn Honed Technique which upgrades your Paths,

For Marksman you can reload as part of your successful Reaction, even if the weapon takes multiple reload.

For Ronin (why are these in a different order?) you can use your full movement during the Reaction and can make the attack at any part of your movement, so that's really fun for hit and run styles.

For Outlaw you can flat-lock them after your Reaction.

For Peacekeeper you deal extra nonlethal damage with your Reaction maneuvers and treat all melee weapons as having the NL Trait.

Before the Feats a quick recap over things I haven't elucidated on, Grit is the class fuel full of essential vitamins and minerals (not to be confused with essential oils, these are actually useful) every growing Ron-Wanderer needs. You Discharge (yes that's the actual name of the ability) them as part of numerous Wanderer abilities but while you have you gain Physical Resistance (and you pass that along to your allies when you Reaction in their favor.

They gain the Incredible Initiative feat... it's just kinda there, not mooching but wasn't invited either so you're like okay but then they ordered pizza for everyone so yay!

Oh also you get a Perception bonus from Grit, keep forgetting it or the Resistance cause they're mentioned in separate things for some reason (smol complaint is smol).

Oh missed this the first time, at 13 they gain Unspoken Word, which lets you use Verbal skills/actions without requiring that you share a language with the other person.

Now for Feats!


Hardened Gaze - you can counter-Intimidate someone using that skill or the other two against (take THAT Bon Mot) you or an ally, Frightening them and worsening their result.

Tough to Kill - Diehard but better (no this is not an invitation to discuss which Diehard movie is best)

You're Next - ooooh how I like this one! You can Demoralize as a Reaction after downing an opponent.


Antagonize - a sorta Taunt mechanic that works, when you Demoralize someone they can't completely get rid of the penalties until they attack you or can't find you.

Whirling Assault - Flurry of stab stab cut cut, you can Step between or after the attack but I don't know why'd you wanna Step in the middle of the attack since you can't redirect the second attack *scratches head*.


Duelist's Challenge - the Duelist Feat of the same name, cool in theory, but has the same restrictions of locking you into a one-handed weapon and refusing to let you use your other hand for anything, so meh

Reliable Ally - Non-Denominational Ally! You can select a weapon to gives Properties, a trinket to give you more Resistance, or gain a mount. Can't designate an actual ally for jolly cooperation sadly.

Walk Tall - YESSSSSS now we're talking, not gonna lie, the Class was feeling really ehh up to this point, but then they drop this on us. I love the visual. A Stance, as long you don't move other than a Step you don't Discharge your Grit when using Return the Favor.


Gritty Acumen - While you're Gritted one of your Saves gets a bonus

Iaido Stance - the ACTUAL quickdraw, a Stance that lets you negate some reactions by drawing just that fast, also gives you more weapon damage die, so good good there, the shiny click clacks are pleased.


Bloody Demise - A Reaction that makes your kills rather messy, debuffing a nearby opponent as they get splattered by what's left of their friend.

Coiled Stance - Stance that gives you an extra Reaction, very useful for this class.

Loyal Ally - upgrades for your ally, but still not Jolly Cooperation

Patient Return - this is a very interesting Feat, for as long as you have Grit you gain an increasing bonus on Return the Favor's Attack. Meaning if you withhold or can't make the Reaction it keeps going up, a nice tranquil fury buildup.


Close and Personal - when someone tries to run away you chase them down and bonk them for being rude.

Grit Warden - you buff your allies (FINALLY SOME JOLLY COOPERATION) when you're Gritted.

Guarded Stance - When Parry builds really come online as something other than Reaction fishers, in this Stance you're always treated as having your Parry weapon poised, saving you actions and your opponent's reactions for that squirrely Wizard.

Rub Some Dirt On It - (do not do this cool thing in real life), it lets you suppress a Persistent damage effect, and you can also Discharge to full on remove it.


Cheat Death - your GM will hate you, a Reaction that will let you remain conscious with 1 HP, but you gain Doomed. Very thematic.

Remarkable Ally - Remarkably still no jolly Cooperation.


Dastardly Return - Outlaw exclusive (jerk), but they get to treat themselves as their Ally for Return the Favor, so can't really blame em.

From the Hip - Marksman exclusive, obviously stealing Outlaw's homework, you can treat yourself as your ally for RtF against an enemy you haven't attacked this encounter, so kinda niche there.

Peacemaker - Peacekeeper exclusive and quintessential f#!@ around and find out, you treat yourself as your own ally if you haven't dealt damage to the attacker yet.

Whirling Return - yay some Ronin goodies! You may blah the blah if the attacker use a move action on their turn. More bonks incoming.


Don't Fear The Reaper - you don't go down or die till Dying 6. Make them regret their life decisions up till this point.

Reckless Assault - when at half health you trade your defense bonuses from Grit for Offense. Really fun. Not the most practical but what is in this situation?

Something's Off - roll Will or Perception twice against certain effects, and can counteract them with Perception by Discharging even.


Chosen Ward - WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR THIS, THY JOLLY COOPERATION?!?! You can share your Grift benefits (so literally Friends with Benefits, maybe that's why it's at 18?) with a designated Ally. Almost feels taunting getting it this late.

Disarming Parry - a fight ender, A reaction that lets you disarm AND moves the success up by one step on the attempt, including yeeting the foe's weapon if it was already a Critical Success.

Don't Die On Me - This is GLORIOUS! You threaten someone back to life, how dare they die on you and make you shed tears without your permission.

just In Time - I didn't think you could be any more climatic than the previous Feat. I was wrong. As long as an Ally is there and they need you, you can get there just in the nick of time (this is the part of the movie with the cool screencuts and crescendoing music before the hero's motif kicks in)

Unwavering Ally - hard to compete with the other two due to no Jolly Cooperation


Nothing Personal - you can straight up kill or otherwise seriously ruin the day of someone hit by your RtF, but hey, they shoulda RTFM.

Surrounded By Fear - oozing coolness, you mass Demoralize your foes and they first time they work up the nerve to attack you you regain Grit.

True Grit - I would have been heartbroken if this wasn't in here. You don't spend Grit on your first Discharge each round.

Now for non-Feat goodies, WEAPONS!

We got stats for using the katana's sheath for some bonk time. The Saintie, which a Persian parrying spear, really cool looking. AND OUR BOI NODACHI IS BACK BABY!!! Makes up for the lack of Ronin love in this supplement (almost >_>)

There's also a section at the end going over Films and Appropriation talking about the problematic aspects that have built these style of characters in media since their inception, which was a rather nice addition (hint hint: cowboys weren't white for the most part)

Overall a fun and solid class, could their have been tweaks and polish to make it even more awesomer? Absolutely. It doesn't blow away other martials and there's serious competition if you're wanting to decide between them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if offered would I consider playing this class? ABSOLUTELY.

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Now Available!

Silver Crusade

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Legit question, why would I play this over say, a swashbuckler or gungslinger in 2nd Edition?

Silver Crusade

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Legit question, why would I play this over say, a swashbuckler or gungslinger in 2nd Edition?

To keep it succinct (just downloaded it), it’s more defensive minded than Swashbuckler. Getting more of a bodyguard vibe from it so far.

Grand Lodge

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Legit question, why would I play this over say, a swashbuckler or gungslinger in 2nd Edition?

As Rysky said, it's more defensive. The vibe is closer to that of a blend of swashbuckler and a sort-of non-divine champion than that of a direct swashbuckler, and the gunslinger-esque option was made in a way that touts compatibility with the gunslinger. Rather than going for big offensive finishers, you're using your grit to defend your allies much of the time.

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

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It does cover some of the same conceptual space as the swashbuckler, but it definitely takes it in a different direction in terms of playstyle.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Legit question, why would I play this over say, a swashbuckler or gungslinger in 2nd Edition?

Hey there! Author here

If you're looking for vibes from old westerns and movies like 7 Samurai or shows like Trigun and Mandalorian, this class has a lot more focus on those themes than say the swashbucklers Jack Sparrow or Princess Bride Wesley.

Grit is very much a defensive mechanic, and you spend grit on powerful actions that vary in nature. This leaves you with the choice of protecting yourself and others or doing some bigger actions. While it shares the binary state mechanic approach with panache, that's about the only thing they share in terms of mechanics and themes.

Gunslinger to me has more of a technology focus than this class and swashbuckler is offensive focused, so this is really the class that tries to grab some of those other themes that neither of those classes brought to the table while offering a bit of Champion feels.

My description for it, albeit a bit truncated in scope, has always been "What the swashbuckler is to the fighter, this is to the champion. It is the mechanical defensive inverse to the swashbuckler."

Let me know if you give it a try and I hope you enjoy it if you do!

Silver Crusade

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Purchased, but there's an issue "Cannot open this file". The file I downloaded is 0 bytes. Not sure whether it's a paizo error or issue with the uploaded file.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Purchased, but there's an issue "Cannot open this file". The file I downloaded is 0 bytes. Not sure whether it's a paizo error or issue with the uploaded file.

I think there's issues right now because of the apg errata update. My guess is it's related.

I appreciate the support and hope you get access soon!

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Purchased, but there's an issue "Cannot open this file". The file I downloaded is 0 bytes. Not sure whether it's a paizo error or issue with the uploaded file.

This may be a Paizo issue - the APG just got updated and keeps downloading as very tiny, so it seems to be all over.

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