Syrinscape—Dead Suns #6: Empire of Bones SoundPack

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The Empire of Bones SoundPack gives you the complete audio solution when playing the sixth and final chapter of Starfinder's Dead Suns Adventure Path. All the preparation is done for you and every sound you will need is right at your fingertips.

The undead Corpse Fleet has appeared in orbit above the Gate of Twelve Suns, intent on seizing the ancient alien superweapon called the Stellar Degenerator. The heroes are massively outgunned, and their only hope to defeat the Corpse Fleet is by infiltrating the fleet’s flagship and taking control of the vessel’s bridge. Only then can the heroes pilot the ship on a collision course with the superweapon in a desperate bid to end both threats at once. If successful, the heroes can destroy the Stellar Degenerator, but they’ll need to escape the carnage to live to tell the tale!

Is this Starfinder Adventure Path SoundPack useful when I am not running a Starfinder Adventure?

Yes! The Empire of Bones SoundPack supports:

  • sneaky starship actions
  • a spectacular lift-off sequence for your starship
  • exploration of a vast undead starship
  • quick-travel in an anti-grav train through the belly of the undeads´ vessel
  • being chased in an automated train
  • fleeing from an exploding ship
  • fights against kurobozus and baykoks
  • face the mighty ellicoth
  • all kinds of undead enemies like cybernetic zombies, marooned ones, and corpsefleet marines
  • scavenger slime!
  • and so much more...

Availablility: Your Syrinscape audio content will be delivered as a Voucher Code on your My Downloads page redeemable at, and will be downloadable within the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Contact if you have any questions.

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