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All Hail the King of the Kaiju!
Kaiju fighters are warriors who have devoured the flesh of a kaiju and gained some of their strength! Given time and the proper training a kaiju fighter uses that as a catalyst and begins to manifest the traits of the titanic monsters themselves. Kaiju fighters are the best solution to the problem of kaiju and take the front line in battles against them. They form guilds and unions and offer their services to the highest bidder to solve their kaiju problems. Adventurers also find themselves in need of a little kaiju-slaying and kaiju fighters fit the bill perfectly.


  • Kaiju Fighter: The full kaiju fighter base class for use in your Pathfinder 1st Edition game!
  • 20+ Mutations: Warp your flesh and grow your power with over 20 ways to mutate your character into a deadly kaiju killing machine!
  • 12 "Catalyst Kaiju": Did your character have a big ol' tarrasque-steak or maybe they took a bite of Mogaru's Godzilla-esque flesh?! 12 towering monsters (including all the kaiju) are included in this book as catalysts for your character's growth.

-Page Count: 13
-PDF Optimized Version: A high resolution (300 dpi), internally hyperlinked, bookmarked, PDF, with beautiful art!

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