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Suit Up and Roll Out!
Crank your Starfinder game up to the next level with mobile suits! This new, easy to use, category of armor allows you to pilot giant robots of any sort! We've got rules for everything from transforming robots to living bio-mechs, magic-tech cockpits, mobile suits powered by the hearts of sentient stars, necrotic cybernetic zombies you can pilot, and even mobile beasts!


  • Mobile Suit Rules: Easy to use, difficult to master&this new subsystem introduces mobile suits as a new category of armor with some variable statistics based on your Piloting skill!
  • 8 Mobile Suit "Chassis": This is the core "form" of your mobile suit. Included are scouts, mobile infantry, heavy mobile suits, knights, infiltrators, guardians, walkers, and mobile beasts.
  • 15 Design Styles: Flavorful modifications to mobile suits chassis that you can stack to make the mobile suit from whatever show or in whatever style you want. This includes everything from racial variants, to styles suited for specific classes, and weird ones like how to pilot a colossal sized cyborg-zombie robot.
  • The Mobile Suit Pilot Archetype: Turn any class into an ace mobile suit pilot!
  • New Feats: 6 new feats to augment your skill with a mobile suit!
  • 10 New Armor Upgrades: As they are technically a kind of armor, mobile suits can take any upgrade powered armor can but we've included 10 new upgrades specifically for mobile suits.
  • Class Support: We've provided new class options for soldiers, technomancers, operatives, and mechanics from Paizo's Starfinder Core Rulebook as well as options for Psions and Dragoons from Little Red's own books!
  • Red Sector Support: We include a section on how to incorporate mobile suits into a game set in Little Red's own Red Sector Campaign setting!


  • Page Count: 20 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 17 content)
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