Files for Everybody: Conjuration Spells (PF2E) PDF

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By Thilo Graf

Welcome to Files for Everybody, a Third-Party Pathfinder Second Edition product series brought to you by Everybody Games. We know how tough it is to get everybody together around the table, so we try to provide you exactly the content you need to keep everybody excited and invested in your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign. From new classes to class feats, archetypes to skill feats, spells to rituals, ancestries and monsters, and much more, Everybody Games has what you need to get everyone gaming! In Files for Everybody, each file focuses on a specific topic, whether it be new feats, a new class, a new ancestry, or something else entirely. We want it to be easy to navigate each File, and keep our content simple to use and rewarding to master. Regardless of topic, we believe that every issue in our Files for Everybody series is something special and wonderful, no matter how small, and hopefully after this issue you'll feel the same!

In this File, conjuration spells! Six all-new spells for conjurers of every ilk. Embrace your inner child by hurling globes of grossness at your enemies, conjure walls of glass for protection, store a creature in an extra dimensional space, and more! Also included is an all-new conjurer background for anyone willing to take, whether they be proper spellcasters or dabblers in ritual magic.

Get everybody gaming with Everybody Games.

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Now available!

Thilo has some really far-out spells in this one. There's like this crazy mirror spell that's designed to expand your sight and maneuverability with reflections. It's such a neat option!

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Ohh, it's online here as well!

Designer's Log: My goal with this pdf was to write Divination Spells that are actually FUN to run at the table for both Gm and PC. You'll find mirror magic, a spell to do the Sherlock Holmes-movie Hypothetical Scenario-trick, and e.g. a means to dive into the collective unconscious.

I seriously hope everyone enjoys my first design for PF2! :D

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*Adds to Cart*

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Thank you, Elorebaen! I seriously hope you'll enjoy it! If you have the time, I'd certainly appreciate a review, since I can't well review my own designs. ;P

Anyhow, if authors are reading this: Alex is a PHENOMENAL Dev! I mean it! Working with him has been a pure delight!


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This does raise the question of, “If the reviewer wrote the product, who reviews the reviewer...?”

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