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The design requirements for this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product were "Create rules and feats that will enable the use of magic rods, and these should cost under 1,000 gp". Kim and Michael have provided us with a bevy of new options.

This book includes the following new rules:

  • 48 new Magical Rods:
    • Angler’s Rod
    • Campsite Rod
    • Gem Safe Rod
    • Lycanthropy Rod
    • Merchant Rod
    • Myriad Rod
    • Rod of Angelic Tears
    • Rod of Battle Casting
    • Rod of Coins
    • Rod of Demonic Tears
    • Rod of Fleetness
    • Rod of Harmony
    • Rod of Hostile Intent
    • Rod of Ideal Climate
    • Rod of Measurements
    • Rod of Nature’s Site
    • Rod of Nobility
    • Rod of Redemption
    • Rod of Resist Undead
    • Rod of Secrets
    • Rod of Siege (Ballista)
    • Rod of Siege (Catapult)
    • Rod of Sorrows
    • Rod of Sun Absorption
    • Rod of the Astral Alignment
    • Rod of the Blacksmith
    • Rod of the Bone Collector
    • Rod of the Bounty Hunter
    • Rod of the Cavalier
    • Rod of the Charlatan
    • Rod of the Climbing Claw
    • Rod of the Crow’s Call
    • Rod of the Farmer
    • Rod of the Forced March
    • Rod of the Frog
    • Rod of the Half-Moon
    • Rod of the Magistrate
    • Rod of the Mountaineer
    • Rod of the Packrat
    • Rod of the Scout
    • Rod of the Unturned Rock
    • Rod of Tyranny
    • Rod of Untrained Talents
    • Rod of Useful Summons
    • Rod of Vaulting
    • Short-Ranged Rod
    • Slinger Rod
    • Stunning Fist Rod
    • 1 new spell: Jumping Flight

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