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Exploit your wildest emotions with the powerful maniac!

Maniacs are reckless arcane spellcasters that enter into an altered state of consciousness called rave. While in a rave, these rash enchanters draw upon a set of primal forceful emotions rooted deep in their psyche.

Burning emotions to fuel their magical abilities, maniacs harness powers that other arcane practitioners consider unreliable if not outright dangerous. Often ostracized by society and treated as lunatics by their peers, maniacs seek out extreme situations in which they can explore the full emotional array, drawing them towards a life of adventuring.

Included in Maniac Character Class:

  • The maniac character class, a wild 9th level spellcaster that harnesses emotions as fuel.

  • 20 emotional raves for the maniac to exploit.

  • 5 Maniac archetypes: the affector, fractured soul, fury, korybant, and tempermentalist.

  • 7 favored class options, 3 magic items, and 2 maniac specific feats.

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Shadow Lodge

Thanks Rick!

At first, I thought it was going to be a joke on the barbarian class, with raves replacing rage with a short bonus to mental stats instead of physical. Instead, I was happily surprised to see that raves grant unique, individual flavor and powers based on the numerous emotion choices.

There's a lot of options for your primary mania in addition to some unique feats and new magic items and archetypes.

The ability to get a second mania (at a lower power level than the primary) and change it daily allows players to keep their character from seeming like a one-emotion pony all the time, only defined by lust or envy, as well as experience and play with all the other options to mix and match and find a unique combination of quirks and style.

Naturally, I am defined by my furious anger and sense of pain.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Very excited to see the finished product!

For a long time I've been thinking about how to make an emotion-based spellcasting tradition in the Pathfinder rule system. I wanted the maniac to cover a wide range of human emotions (20 altogether!) with distinctive mechanics that offer interesting roleplay opportunities.
My main inspiration for this class stems from Ancient Greek mythology (think Dionysean cults), but the maniac enables players to create many different character concepts suitable for almost any fantasy setting.

I hope you'll have as much fun as I had designing and playtesting this class!

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