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All Aboard the Alien Party Bus!

The goblins are back again to bring you more gonzo-style content! In this installment the little red goblin crew (Scott Gladstein & Ian Sisson) put in space suits and dive head first into Starfinder to bring you 5 new and exciting races! Add a little whimsy and humor to your game with these races—it's not all gloom and doom in space!


  • Baa'hundu: Friendly misshapen lumps that smell like candy
  • Devron: Snarky turtle-men with a chip on their shoulder
  • Frokes: The tiniest angry bundle of Napoleon-complex rage you’ve even seen
  • Gron: Burly camel-men that eat lightning
  • Katzbalder: The lazy middle-managers of the universe! They delegate everything but still somehow make you all more efficient!

Page Count: 21 (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 ogl, 17 content)
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