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Book of technological marvels? Check!

Shiny new StarJammer setting?? Check! (Wait, no? Go get it!)

Human super-soldiers??? …uuuuhhhh…


“The Prometheus Protocols” is a short product that introduces genetically-modified humans as distinct playable races for use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures. Whether set in the irradiated wastes of our own upcoming Radlands, on star-galleons sailing the void in search of strange new worlds, in the back-alleys of a digitally-enhanced near-future dystopia, or hunting orcs in your favorite fantasy world, these “genies” represent what heights humanity could reach if given the right boost. You get a 10-point standard race, two 20-point advanced races, and two monstrous 30-point races, along with options for descendants of genies and for adding the genetic enhancement protocols to an existing character.

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Our first offering gives campaigns some options for variant humans via genetic modification. Great for Starjammer or modern-day games, as well as more traditional fantasy.

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