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New feats for your pilots!

New ship-frames!

New frame options and expansion bays!

(Okay, *I* messed up and had the release date set for 2019, so this jewel has been sitting here since April. Can we call it an advanced cloaking device?)

Jason Nelson wrote:
Mothman wrote:
I would also be interested in 'plug and play' locations and mini settings for Starfinder; ships, space stations, asteroid settlements, planets, star systems etc.
They are definitely coming. :)

Yes, they are. From multiple publishers!

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
But no, the equipment section does not let you buy or sell self-aware creatures, for what I think are fairly obvious reasons.

This is a problem I ran into while designing a playable construct race for Starjammer. Some of the mechanics (healing/repair) are dependent on the construct's cost. So a playable construct has a defined cost. So now I'm wrestling with how *I* want the subject handled in my products before I proceed. New repair mechanic? Self-aware playable constructs are as rare as intelligent magic items and thus have special societal conventions for handling one upon creation? Do they only happen as the result of an Awake Construct spell? Do we introduce the concept of slavery and all that entails? Something else I've not thought of yet?

As far as we're concerned, your ships are canon in our in-house Crossing The Black universe...

mcbraggart wrote:
I'm going to mod in the old TSR Star Frontiers races. I love the Dralasites and my group is older so they will get the references.

That's actually a product our creative team is discussing - but more "homage" than strict conversion.

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Lord Fyre wrote:

Are other companies developing Starfinder settings?

We will be, yes. "Crossing The Black" is in the early development stages. We'd originally started on it as a concept long before Starfinder was announced, planning to write the rules we needed for a harder-sci-fantasy than just "Pathfinder in space." With Starfinder imminent, we're refocusing our plans so that the setting uses the Starfinder rules.

Not quite and adventure, but we are developing a stand-alone setting that concentrates more on tech than magic, with humans having escaped their home galaxy in a small fleet of ships, stolen from their oppressors. They are still struggling to "fit in" some 300 years later, as Known Space has finally found a way to explore the rest of the local galaxy. Loads of opportunity for frontier adventure, exploration, political intrigue, cultural clashes, and the like. I'm pushing at some ideas for an AP that explore the setting's assumptions, like a play-along Player's Guide.

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
I was about to find the original post and favorite it until I realized I made it. More on topic, I would love to see that.

I apologize for the rather significant lag between your post and my response - my day-job(s) have kept me hopping, as well as relocating 700 miles from home for the near future. We'd already started the process of introducing lower-level critters for Starjammer and our own RadLands settings (including the release of our Radzillas book, but we've made the decision to support Starfinder as we go forward, as well. Hopefully, we'll hit both "enjoyable" and "useful."

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Low level fauna. Just for the sake of novelty. I mean, you can file off the serial number of a rat till the heat death of the universe but maybe I want an extraterrestrial airborne crustacean.

That's an idea I've been discussing with my creative team, as well. No idea what the Genius is up to, but rest assured someone is working on it!

Ugh, really late to the party on this - totally MISSED the original announcement. Just filed our submission to the registry. I'd like to have our products converted to the new system and ready to go on Day One.

Production Platform 3 is pleased to announce the first title in our Stock Art line is now available! From players to publishers, everyone needs more character portraits and our artists are set to deliver. Each pack contains a central character in three poses - adventuring, combat, and relaxing - rendered in three styles - color, grayscale, and line-art - to provide versatility and options.

Our first release is the Hammer Maiden, a smartly-armored female - most likely human or half-elven - wielding a two-handed hammer.

While our artists do have a list of planned projects, if you have any suggestions for figures you'd like to see - even if it is "could you do this figure with a sword instead of a bow" - please drop us a line and we'll see if we can work that into our schedule.

Yes, it is, and that may have been a bad idea on my part. The books are both part of our upcoming post-apocalyptic near-future Earth setting "The Radlands" and detail two different approaches taken by competing governments and institutes to "improve" humanity. The first book - The Prometheus Protocols - outlines the history of the experiments by non-military concerns to create a way to generally improve humanity. The second book - The Medved Trials - outlines the history of the Russian "super-soldier" program.

Ostensibly, the Prometheus Protocols can be taken as a starting race *or* applied to an existing human character at any level by "multi-classing" into the program - that is, a PC could take Prometheus Phase 1 instead of a class level. The Medved program was not designed to enhance an existing human, but redesigned humans from scratch and are thus presented as three separate races at 10, 20, and 30RP. While there are similarities between the two outcomes - and, in fact, there is a "super-soldier" series of Prometheus - they do reflect distinctly different philosophies of "improvement."

I hope this helps!

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Glad to hear you're liking them! Depending on where you shop, the radzillas volume went live somewhere from Saturday night to Tuesday morning, so it would have been easy to miss. We're going to try to be a bit more consistent in when we release and announce products.

Speaking of announcing products, we're lining up some more titles covering a range of subjects, from a playable selkie race for the more fantasy-minded to a "vehicle bestiary" along the lines of "Fast Eddie's Easy Speeders" for use with Starjammer.

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Andre Roy wrote:

Well look like someone jumped into the Starjammer fun early on. Production Platform 3 has introduced The Prometheus Protocols and small supplement for genetically modifed human (I haven't bought/read it yet, so no clue if any good).

Yes, we did! And, in fact, we are now up to three titles that work well in the Starjammer universe - two covering different approaches to genetically-engineered humans and a bestiary covering giant mutated lizards! While these are written with an eye toward our own post-apocalyptic setting that we are developing, we wanted to make them available to the Starjammer public, as well. You can check out our releases here on Paizo, too!


(I do like to think they are at least functionally solid works!)

Now available!

In the Radlands, they call the giant mutated lizards "radzillas." What do they call them in your world?

Now available!

Genetically-engineered humans for your sci-fi or post-apocalyptic needs. In the Radlands, they are Russian spetsnaz, but in your world - it's up to you.

Thank you so much! We are excited to be here!

Our first offering gives campaigns some options for variant humans via genetic modification. Great for Starjammer or modern-day games, as well as more traditional fantasy.