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For GMs in need of more beasts! The Run Amok Bestiary contains over 30 new monsters for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Drawn from real-world folklore, legends, and Run Amok Games products, this collection covers a wide range of creature types, terrains, and challenges. From tiny pumice warriors to the crag-dwelling mountain wyrm, from city streets to the cold and windswept plane of Leng, from ancient vampire-like horrors to clockwork-driven automatons, the Run Amok Bestiary contains dozens of challenges for your PCs. In addition to monsters ranging from CR 1/2 to CR 19, four new templates allow you to customize creatures in all new ways.

More than mere monsters, the Run Amok Bestiary includes new PC-appropriate races, familiars, animal companions, and numerous adventure seeds to bring these creatures to life!

The Run Amok Bestiary is written by Ron Lundeen, with art by Stacy Drum, Sydney Lehmann-Secor, Marco Morte, Jeff Strand, and Blake Wilkie.

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