Pathfinder Society: Year of the Demon Messenger Bag

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Transport your game night gear in style with this durable nylon messenger bag! Big enough for your Core Rulebook and other campaign essential books, along with dice, notes, and pencil holders, these messenger bags debuted at GenCon 2013 and are only available in limited quantities!

Interior Dimensions: 14-1/2" x 9" x 3-1/2"
Strap length: 27" to 46"

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Average product rating:

4.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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It's a $20 dollar bag


I'm happy with this for a $20 bag. However, it's a $20 bag, the material around the velcro immediately started to wear from the "sand-paper" effect from the velcro. I've also noticed the material getting really frail around the top and inside liner of the bag. I've had this for about 6-mos and it's been my daily carry for my Kindle, pens, notepad, core rule book and some dice with other miscellany. I'm going to be getting a better quality bag here in the near future.



I received one for my birthday, and I love it. It's able to hold my laptop, notebook, and gaming supplies :)

Liberty's Edge

I've narrowed my decision down this one and one other... so does the PFS YotD bag grant a re-roll?

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You got shirts. Now bags. You guys thinking of making hoodies, hats & jackets too? I would buy them for sure.


Don't wash it. The material is cheap. The picture is grainy and peels in the wash. I should have known, considering the price. Pretty disappointed by this.


Minor update. Washed this a second time today, on gentle, cold water. Almost a year later and I'm without a bag entirely. It snagged and got ripped to shreds. Incredibly poor quality.

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