Courts of the Shadow Fey—Bonus Handouts PDF

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Enter the Shadow Courts!

The Courts of the Shadow Fey adventure (available for both Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) takes place within an enormous palace complex, a place of many factions, assassinations, duels, and treacherous demons. This free download contains full color maps of encounter areas, handouts, region maps, as well as a four-panel overview of the Courts themselves!

Free to download, we hope this inspires you to check out the intrigue, wonder, and danger contained in the Courts of the Shadow Fey adventure!

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Handouts have traps and secrets marked

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Great help for running the related adventure, but player versions of the handouts would have been much more useful. As a GM, I've got the black and white maps and descriptions in the adventure book and putting GM secrets on the handouts means I have to photoshop them out before handing these out to players.

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Now available!

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Totally awesome - Wolfgang - who is responsible? There are no credits...
I have the CotSF PDF, just not with me - the maps look the same... just... better perhaps... :)

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Holy Cow. Someone did a bang-up job on those maps! Outstanding!

I really like the menus, too>;)

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Those are the maps from the book, so the same credits apply here.

There is one additional handout in here, though... Who can spot it?

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