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The Kingdom of Talingarde is the most noble, virtuous, peaceful nation in the known world. Herein is the story of how you burned this insipid paradise to the ground.

It's only fair. They burned you first.

They condemned you for your wicked deeds. They branded you. They shipped you to the worst prison in the kingdom. In three days, you die. In three days, the do-gooders pray they'll be rid of you.

They've given you three days. The fools, that's more than you need to break out. And then, it will be their turn to face the fire.

Welcome to the first chapter of the "Way of the Wicked" adventure path! Inside you'll find:

  • "Knot of Thorns," an adventure for 1st level villains compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Gary McBride.
  • Full color art and maps by Michael Clarke
  • A gazetteer of brave, noble, doomed Talingarde
  • Advice for running a successful villainous campaign
  • Rules for creating wicked PCs
  • A 100-page full color PDF (including printer friendly version) full of vice and villainy.
  • And more!

You've saved the world plenty.

This time, the world needs saving from you.

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4.70/5 (based on 22 ratings)

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Encounters Book 6


Act 1
unique Thanatonic titan
hill giant barbarian, great cyclops, troll (5), two-headed troll, hill giant (5), ettin (2), frost giants (8)
bugbear fighter
human male antipaladin

Act 2
human male armor master fighter
human male inquisitor with longsword and shield
gargantuan kraken, summoned dire sharks
glabrezu (4), marilith (2)
shoggoth (2)

Act 3
planetar (2)
human male inquisitor with greatsword
pit fiend, immolation devil
human male paladin

Act 4
Elysian titan, ghaele azata, half-dragon human female sorcerer (with form of the dragon 3 cast upon herself), colossal silver dragon, solar

This took a surprisingly long time, digging through all my pawns. I have forgotten what I pawns I used when I ran this part of the Way. But here are my suggestions for pawns in Book 1.
VC=Villain Codex
NPC= NPC codex
HV=Hells Vengeance
HR=Hells Rebels
WotR= Wrath of the Righteous
MC=Monster Codex
RoA=Ruins of Azlant
IS=Inner Sea Box
PFS=Pathfinder Society
SM=Summon Monster
SA=Strange Aeons
RoW=Reign of Winter
CotCT=Curse of the Crimson Throne
WftC=War for the Crown
II=Ironfang Invasion
RotRL=Return of the Runelords
SS=Shattered Star
S&S=Skulls & Shackles
All entries are in format of
NPC name; Pawn name(source),Pawn name (source)
or for monsters
Monster(amount); source(amount of pawns) or alternate pawn with name of monster (amount of pawns)(source)
For example Tritons(4);B2 (2),Merfolk warrior (B1),undine(2) (B2)
Act 1


Blackerly; Misguided paladin or Slave master (VC)
Guards; Longacre deputies (4) and Glorious reclamation squire(4) (HV), Guard (4)(NPC), Mendevian crusaders(3) and Molthuni soldiers (4)(IS), Horned Fang gangster(4) (RotRL)
Guard dogs (medium sized)(3); Medium dog and Medium Wolf(NPC) ,Riding dog (B1), wolf(2)(B1), warg (B1), goblin dog(B1), hyena (B1)
Servants; Charmed townsfolk (WftC), Honorary Tribune Onara Piscum(WftC), Roustabout (VC), Bolgart Caggan (HV), Apostle in Orpiment (SA)
Prison Warden; Darellus Fex (HV), Hermit (NPC)
Grumblejack; Ogre Destroyer (MC) or a special miniature.
Giant Toad; B2

Act 2

Vampiric mist; B2, RoA
Timeon; Squire (NPC)
Mithral cobras(2); Iron cobra (B1)(PFS), electric eel (B1),
Draugr(4); VC(6), B2 (3), skeleton(B1)
Sir Balin; Knight (NPC),Knight of Ozem (IS), Oppian Nevilindor (HV), Rayland Arkley (RoA)

Act 3

Captain Sambryl; Aron Kir (WotR), Syras Cokleburr Esq(WftC), chelish marine (S&S)
Sailors: Longcare deputy and Militia volunteers (HV),
Triton oracle;Triton (B2), Thalem (RoA)
Tritons(4);B2 (2),Merfolk warrior (B1),undine(2) (B2)
Small water elementals; B1, SM(3)
Dolhins(2); SM(2)
Bunyip(2); B2(1)
Yutak Chief;Zaril Namoth (PFS)
Yutak medicine man; Mud Shaman or Shaman (NPC), Thousand Bones(CotCT), Wildfire(VC)
Yutak hunters(5); Kuru thug (5)(SA)
ice mephit;SM (2). normal mephit B1
small ice elemental(4); B2 (1), RoW (1), small water elemental (B1), (3)(SM)
bugbear(4); B1(3) , MC(at least 2)
Odenkirk; Ulfen hunter or raider (IS), skulking brute (NPC), Hjort Fastax or Ostog (PFS)
Odenkirks sailors(6); pirate marauder(4) or Shackles pirate(4) (IS), Emperors thug(8) (CotCT), Einherji(2) (B4), pirate (S&S), roadkeeper(RotRL)

Act 4


dwarven engineers(10); recruit(6) (NPC), sadistic healer(4) (VC), also Heroes and Villains has some dwarves
Barnabus Eisenbauch; Dwarven rager or Hammer of justice (NPC), Gardel Vargrinnar or Kazakador (HV) or some dwarf from Heroes and
lantern archons(9); B1(1), SM(4), harbringer Archon (1)(B2),(1) (HV), paralectus aeon (B2),Will-o-wisp (2)(SA),(1)(B1),(1)(RoA)
lantern archon gestalt; large air elemental (B1) or large lightning elemental (B2)
ice golem; B1
Raven swarm; B6, RoW(2), Crowntop Kings (WftC), Bat swarm (B1)
Captain Mott;Endranni Malesk (HV)
Captain Eddarly; Daredevil hunter (NPC),Guard Sniper(VC), Xoxl(RotRL)
Rangers; cavalry Soldier(4) (NPC), Longcare deputy (4) (HV), Sodden Scavenger (IS)(4) Horses; VC(4),NPC(1)
Captain Barhold: Eagle Knigh commander (IS), Valeros (NPC), Royster MCCleagh(S&S), Rayland Arkley (RoA)
Soldiers with heavy crossbows; Superstitious mercenary(3) (NPC),Lotheed Soldier(5) (WftC), Menador Soldier (4) (HR)
Halberdiers; Guard (4) (NPC),
Captain Varning; mounted; Alain on Donahan (IS) On foot; Alain, cavalier (IS), Harsh lieutnant (VC), Verik Vancaskerkin(CotCT)
Archers; Novice scout(3) and Cavalry soldier(4)(NPC), Glorious reclamation Knight (with bow)(8) and Longcare deputy(4) (HV), Guard
spotter(4) (VC), Dusk warden(3) (IS)
Tacitus; Pyromaniac mage or Cruel Instructor (VC), Ezren (NPC)
Father Donnagain; Loran Allamar or Lacall Allmar (HV)
Acolyte clerics; Glorious Reclamation squire(4) (HV), Aasimar cleric (B1)
Mad Martin;Apperentice jeweler or Old Sailor or (if feeling cruel) Pig farmer (NPC), Jabral Louslik(HV)
Lord Havelyn; Knight of the Ioun Star (IS),Oppian Nevilindor (HV), Knight (NPC)

Probably gonna do Book 3 next as we are going to start that book as soon as we finish Iron Gods AP.

Grand Lodge

Very well done and extremely thorough.

Thank you, hopefully it will be of use to GMs running WotW.

Small Update from Enemy Encounters set.

Act 1


Grumblejack: Ogre Killer

Act 2


Draugar: Skeletal Thug(3), Skeletal Warrior(6)

Act 3


Bugbears: Bugbear(4), Bugbear ambusher(2), Bugbear stalker(4)

Tyrants Grasp pawn set is out. Not much for this book in there unfortunately.

Two Vampiric mists.
A bone cobra to serve as a mithral cobra.
Sir Balin; Tsomar Trant.
Commander Havelyn; Watcher-Lord Ulthun II

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