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1 If a summoned creature inflicts someone with poison or disease, does the effect continue once the summoning ends, or does the poison disappear with the creature?

2 Can a summoned lantern archon use continuous light? If so, does the spell end when it is unsummoned, or is it permanent as usual?

Thank you.

The description of death ward is "The subject is immune to energy drain and any negative energy effects, including channeled negative energy."

Does it protect you from having your stats sucked out by undead creatures?
A shadow's strength damage attack is explicitly listed as "negative energy effect"
But a wraith's constitution drain is not, despite a very similar flavor.

Insanity spell makes the target permanently confused.
A very flavorful way to get rid of an enemy, a bit marred by the fact that pathfinder confusion table includes self-harm, so 'permanently' is very unlikely to last more than ten minutes.

So, here is the question. The self harm result is "deal D8+str modifier to self with item in hand" and victims who can't do what the roll says just waste a turn.

If a character has no "items in hand", will he be safe, or do you have to literally straight-jacket him to prevent him from clawing at his own throat?

"Planar adaptation has no effect when cast upon your native plane".

But can you cast it there? Say, I intend to go to the plane of fire. Can I cast adaptation before casting plane shift, or do I need to wait until I'm already there and literally on fire before I start adapting?

Is Larazod's player supposed to die in act VI?

The game expects him to be at level 3 - at this stage, even if he's a fighter class, getting focused by two skeletal trolls will on average cause him his full HP of damage per round from strength bonuses alone.

Also, if anyone wants, I made a Polish translation of the play.

So, has anyone tried writing up Anthea's lair?

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I'm having a problem understanding one map description. What is the deal with the room of the guardian demons?

There is a stair there, separated by a wall. Can you get to the altar level from there? The other descriptions (like the clue about cult priests descending to the caves) suggest that the only way up is through the secret passage on the caves level (making most of the compound a red herring to get invading adventurers killed) But if that were true, why are the demons guarding that room?

So, does that wall fully separate the stair from the rest of the room, or not?

Ok, some thoughts after reading through the whole thing.

1 Someone has already mentioned the possibility of the dark titan showing up in the final battle. Can he be tricked into fighting the good guys, or will he always prioritize whoever has the ring?

2 If I were running the campaign as a player, I'd surely start a side project of trying to turn the Nameless King's machine into a weapon of mass destruction (linking it remotely to the royal scepter, so it could dump the accumulated negative energy onto the battlefield.) Do you think it would work?

3 In the "two solars" version of the final battle, the PC's allies flee, except for Grumblejack. What about Sakkarot? If the players take him (obviously disguised) to fight by their side, would he flee too? He seemed like a very fatalistic type.

4 It bothers me a bit how the whole might score thing ends up largely cosmetic in the end - no matter which side is outnumbered ten to one, it will be down to the fight between the leaders in the end.

5 There are two courses of action that seem very logical to the players, but aren't described in the book at all.

5a - countering the princess' efforts in the mainland. Yes, she's permanently veiled, but a gathering army of thousands is much harder to hide, and if Dessiter gets some intelligence info like he was supposed to, the players might come up with a plan to delay her - hitting (or bribing) her potential allies, or perhaps persuading the kraken to harass her fleet en route.

5b - search for Anthea's lair. Even if the players haven't figured out she's their enemy, her treasure is the last major unclaimed hoard in Tallingarde, and the players are conquering the north either way. With some initial clues from Polidorus' book on dragons, they shouldn't have much trouble pinpointing the lair - and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't just be a frozen cave with a pile of treasure and a bunch of guardians. I really wish there were some more descriptions for it.