Pathfinder Miniatures: Khalib, Runelord Apprentice

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Pathfinder Miniatures are 28mm white metal minis based on characters and creatures from Paizo's Pathfinder campaign setting.

Miniatures include a plastic slotted base. They are unpainted and may need some assembly.

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Sovereign Court

Holy expensive mini, Batman. That's a medium, right?

Shadow Lodge

Yes, but my god that's one sexy mini.
Really well designed.

Sovereign Court

It is a pretty mini, but for nearly 8 bucks? Cheaper with the AP discount, but I don't think I'm going to buy at that price, not for a standard sized mini. The Reaper sculpts are great (as are the Crocodile sculpts they took over) but the prices are getting a bit silly.


The price of the raw materials went up (hence the price increase) is why they are slightly more expensive than other minis.

Grand Lodge

This price increase makes the 'Frugal GM' very sad.

For Seven bones, it needs to include a kick-ass paint job as well!


Ok, 7 bones sucks, but I'm so buying this piece. He's going to look phenomenal painted up.

Is he in the Rise of the Runelords AP? I'm looking for some info on how had taken him as an apprentice.


Khalib is in the Rise of the Runelords AP, I want to say somewhere around part 5 or 6.

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