Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead

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Far more contagious than the common cold, the Moaning Virus (MV1) swept the planet. Hordes of MV1 infected overran the delicate world that seemed to have finally lain to rest the specters of nuclear war, hunger, and poverty. The victims of MV1 became the viruses' mindless carriers as they rose from death to feed, their horrid moan ringing out in silent cities. Bite after moaning bite, the world devoured itself from within. Now, overwhelmed political figures, desperate to salvage the remnants of their once-great world society, turn to once-spurned weapons and forgotten science for hope. Luminaries and leaders must now guess the best path for human survival amidst terrifying outbreaks, geographical factionalism, and worst of all, viral mutations. Can you stop the spread of the walking dead?

In Zombie State, you have been overrun by multiple outbreaks of MV1 and the outlook is bleak. You must retro-fit your largely symbolic military quickly to turn back the tide of rotting corpses, while optimizing your quickly-dwindling resources to fund crucial medical and scientific breakthroughs to save your civilians.

Zombie State includes:

  • one box full of good old-fashioned fun!
  • a Map of the World
  • a Rulebook
  • 30 Freedom Point Pawns
  • 30 Military Units
  • 60 six-sided Population Dice
  • one twelve-sided die
  • five Player Technology Sheets
  • 60 Technology Counters
  • 140 Zombie Tokens
  • 96 Resource Cards
  • 45 Random Event Cards
  • 25 Raised/Razed Borders
  • 15 Quarantine Counters
  • 30 Resource Counters
  • a Starting Leader Card

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Dark Archive

I played this game for the first time recently and really enjoyed it. My only critic is I wish the game didn't have a preset end turn and it just keep going until either the zombies or humans are wiped out.

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