HORDES—The Skorne: Aptimus Marketh

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Aptimus Marketh is one of the most accomplished extollers in the Skorne Empire. He is so focused on the arts of ancestral magic that he prefers the company of venerated ancestor spirits housed within sacral stones to that of his living peers. Though somewhat aloof, his magical prowess is unmistakable and Aptimus Marketh is frequently sought out to lend his skill to the most worthy of skorne warlocks.

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Pretty much all of the product pictures appear to be either painted metal or plastic figures... Do these come pre-painted? I haven't seen any description indicating (1) if they are pre-painted, or (2) if they are metal or plastic? Ayone got a clue?

Oh yeah - I am specifically discussing the Hordes miniatures from Privateer Press...

Sovereign Court

None of Privateer Press' miniatures come pre-painted in the Warmachine or Hordes lines. However they do showcase their stuff painted to a high detail to better show off the models. They are usually of very good quality and have nice level of detail to them.


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