RuneQuest II: Monster Coliseum

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Foes, beasts and creatures from every corner of the world can be found in this tome, as well as detailed rules on how they clash in the centre of the Monster Coliseum! Whether you are looking to populate your world with rare and exotic fiends to foil your players, or simply provide them with some gladiatorial entertainment, this book contains just what you need for the new RuneQuest II rules.

Monster Coliseum, like the rest of the core RuneQuest line, is a luxurious book, with a completely leather-bound cover.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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A nice monster book for RuneQuest II


This comprehensive selection of fantasy and some Glorantha specific creatures, is a solid entry to the RuneQuest II line from Mongoose.

The book starts off with a chapter on Arenas, Amphitheaters and Coliseums. Great information and rules on battle re-enactment, and for running gladiatorial contests or chariot races in the arena.

There are over 100 different creature entries grouped into different chapters: Humans and Humanoids, Dinosaurs and Reptiles, Creatures of Legend, and Mammals. Some entries have both the Gloranthan and standard fantasy creature detailed such as the Gloranthan Aldryami and the standard Tolkienesque elf.

An example arena that could be dropped into any setting, sample NPC's and adventure hooks round out the final chapter.

The leather bound book itself is well organized, the text is easy to read and the black and white artwork is variable in quality but generally good.

This is a fine book other than being a little expensive at $39.99, recommend for anyone looking for beasts to slay in a RuneQuest II campaign.

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