Community Use Package: Pathfinder Runes

Community Use Package: Pathfinder Runes

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This package contains runes from the Pathfinder campaign setting for use under the Paizo Publishing, LLC Community Use Policy.

The package consists of PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Demon Runes (32)
Devil Signs (14)
Drow Runes 1
Drow Runes 2
Sihedron Rune
Thassilon Runes

Last updated: March 25, 2011

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Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

The package now consists of PNG files with transparent backgrounds. 32 Devil Runes and 14 Devil Signs have been added.

I have a couple questions about using the Thassilon runes under the Community Use Policy. I take the policy seriously, but rather than simply assuming I can't do something (which to me seems reasonable) I figured I'd ask:

1) Can individual runes be copy/pasted/cropped from the sheets of Thassilon Runes? The devil/demon signs are packaged as one-glyph-per-image-file. Can the Thassilon runes could be used similarly? I plan to use individual glyphs in a manner analogous to a font without altering their proportions.

2) Could an exception to the "don't alter the color" rule be made for changing the color of the runes to something other than black? Changing the color of monochromatic runes seems a bit different from changing the colors of the iconics, maps, faction symbols, and other artwork.

Thanks in advance for answers! My hope is that the official answer is that these minor exceptions don't violate the spirit of the Community Use Policy.

Paizo Employee Developer

Vic may chime in to the contrary. but both of those seem fine to me, as long as Paizo is still credited for the "font" under the terms of the Community Use Policy.

Thanks Mark! I'll continue to monitor the thread just in case.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer


Both of those things are ok to do. Thanks for asking!

Oh, excellent! Thanks for these.

Thanks, Vic!

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, Contributor

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I would love to see these in higher resolution, particularly the Sihedron. Most of these are low res.

Grand Lodge

Do you know if you'll be releasing a high resolution (or even vector graphics) version of these?

Paizo Employee Digital Products Assistant

I took a moment to look at the files we originally received for these and they appear to all be raster images that aren't particularly large. It's unlikely that higher resolution images will be available.

Grand Lodge

Thank you for responding so quickly, Chris!

Hrm... Do you think it would be ok to create vector based images and share them? What if I share them with just you, and then you do what you want with them?

Grand Lodge

I read the Community Use Policy, and it look like as long as I include the required text I can share my creations. Thus:


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