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Hi all,

I'm curious what is the total game time (set-up to clean-up) for a single scenario for your party. I understand there are several variables (number of players, experience, snacking, quest deck #, logic debates, snacking, etc.) but I'm looking for some insight and suggestions from other players as I'm sure there's something we can do to speed up our play. On average, it takes us 3 hours to complete a scenario. We just completed adventure deck #5 in RotR and there was some discussion to try and complete more scenarios per session in the future.

My current thought is to come up with a index card or some other 'cheat-sheet' to allow the players to write down their main stat's bonuses, because the further along we get the more static bonus apply. This seems to me as the quickest way to help speed up but I'm curious if anyone else has done something similar. When the games says it can be played in 90-120 minutes and we're averaging 180... yeah. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Thank you for the insight Skizzerz. I understand what the outcome is, I was just stating that by specifically defining those two conditions in the rules (banish/remove from game) it leaves room for one-offs like Verbozzer to not be affected.

I imagine when a card is designed with a built-in one-use effect the rules, as you stated, should 'unambiguously cover' the effect. Sure, maybe an extra step isn't needed but I think the rule should be broadened to cover more than just banished/removed from game conditions.

Hi all. While this is a good find and clarifies several questions I've had I believe the updated ruling doesn't actually cover the intention of the card in question or future proof against similar card effects.
The card in question was Verbovezzor, an ally which is displayed until the end of your turn. At the end of your turn it is shuffled into an open location deck.

Now, the ruling above only covers banished or removed from the game effects, which isn't the case here so it would skirt by it. I doubt that is the intent but nevertheless I think it may be worthwhile to define a 'Cleanup Step' (yes, I have a MTG judge background) to cover all these things. Something like this:

Cleanup Step
All "until end of turn" and "this turn" effects end.
At this point, the game checks to see if any displayed boons actions would be performed if a certain condition is met (such as the end of an encounter, the end of a turn, or a location closing), treat them as if that condition is occurring. Players may perform actions as necessary if any checks are required (such as recharging an item or spell).
Put all cards other than boons back in the box.
Rebuild your character deck (see Between Games below).
Put any remaining cards back in the box.