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I just made a character using this archetype it's a goblin monkey whose bonded tome is a magical version of the story journey to the west. Goblins "Fearing the written word is natural...but when you learn that you can steal the written word back, it makes you all powerful!"

So not only is my character a goof of a goblin, but he aspires to be as money king like as he can be while eating books to infuse himself with God like strength!

I feel like a ranged slashing weapon would look like a handheld catapult that launched buzz saws or Chakrams at people.


113. Each of the pc's arrive at a location with explicit directions to follow given to them by a wizard. While the location of the directions is accurate, what the pc's have to do conflicts with what each of the other following pc's has to do. After some tomfoolery, the pc's discover all of their directions came from the same wizard, but they were all written on different days. None of these days are close to each other, for instance, the first player's directions may have arrived yesterday while another's arrived 2 years ago with details on when to open it and follow the rest of the instructions.

111. The pc's are all in or outside of a local tavern that is actually a local thieves guild recruitment office when the town guard performs a raid on the tavern. The pc's are all considered guilty by association. Now the pc's must either decide if they want to join the guild in earnest and exact revenge on whoever tipped of the town guard, or set about clearing their name while acting as thieves in that thief guild.

This is my favorite way of starting a campaign so far.

I had seen another soul eater homebrew on here and I was trying to help them with some of their ideas and putting them into a class. Another way to look at this class is to think of it as a combination of a summoner and a fighter. The summoner aspect being that you have this cohort of sorts, (similar to how a summoner would have an eidolon), and then give the player some aspects of a fighter, like maybe how a fighter gains a bonus feat on their even levels.

Take out how the normal summoner gets spells but still give them a unique evolution pool where that pool is your soul points from earlier, but not at the sheer scale that you were talking about instead the player as they level gain access to more "soul points" which they can use to give unique bonuses to their cohort, weapon, thing.

Things such as:

Dual Wielding (1 SP)

A Meister weapon with this Soul point splits into two weapons of either two light one handed melee weapons, or one light handed melee weapon and a one handed melee weapon. These weapons are of a size category equal to your size or one size category smaller. This Weapon evolution cannot be chosen with the Double Weapon evolution or Two-Handed Weapon evolution. If the weapon has an enhancement bonus, the bonus must be split evenly between the two weapons.

Again, this is an idea, I am not completely knowledgeable on how the math works on for what balances where but this was an idea of how to go about executing the cohort weapon strengthening mechanic.

I check in mostly on my phone but I will post stuff here when I get the chance.

@ Seth Dresari

Do you mean like a quinggong monk? or more like the sorcerer is the primary class and the monk is there as an addition to give things like evasion and stuff?

Just stumbled upon this thread today and I love the work you guys do on these MCA's I will post ideas of archetypes I can think of in the future and also sidenote.

J4RH34D said wrote:
the style is dr jackyl and mr hyde

Didn't they already cover this as a prestige class in I think it was the APG? maybe I am not taking the druid part into consideration and I haven't read all of your guys' MCA's yet on your wiki.

end sidenote.

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A friend of mine linked this thread to me earlier today and Hiding, if you want to modify it I ran down the thread and copied and pasted all of what was stated as it's class abilities into a google doc. I figured someone could take it and fix up the class in order to make it a bit more of what everybody wants it to be. Here is a link to the google document. I made it so that anyone could go ahead and make changes to the original document. Antiquarian

I really like this archetype. It has a lot of flavor if used correctly as a noble duelist and the like. Can make for an awesome villain npc class. I like the blend of both gunslinger and swashbuckler mechanics.

Dotting as well.

It says the page can't be found. :(

I am all for archetypes for the ninja class. Honestly, the samurai and ninja classes don't get enough love in my opinion. I am not entirely knowledgable on the hungry ghost monk but both the ghost monk and quingong monk's abilities fit really well with a ninja as long as you shuffle around some of the buffs and such like people have mentioned above. Seems like it could be a pretty neat little archetype to play with. Maybe make it so if you were to take a ninja talent instead of it being one of the ones currently allow you to take one of the quingong monk's ki spells as the ninja talent instead. seems like that could be pretty reasonable.

For example instead of Inertial Dampener saying "ignore 4D6 worth of falling damage..." instead have it say "ignore the first 10 feet of your fall in relation to falling damage..." instead keep the growth of Inertial Dampener as is, just relate it more to feet instead of dice. It would help simplify the math part of calculating your character's falling damage before level 17 a bit easier.

No, sorry just the part about fall damage when it relates to your own character like how much damage do I take for falling fifty feet and such. The core rulebook talks about falling damage your character takes based on how far you fall. And your Inertial Dampener does a good job of explaining that, but maybe link it back to the falling damage rules in the core book could help reduce the number crunching a bit.

I love how it's turning out. One thing, are the feats referenced in this class write up coming out later as you finish the write up?

Also something that might cut down on some of the text in the document is if you were to remove the damage dice and just use feet as ten foot increments instead this way the math wouldn't be so heavy for everyone and you just follow the ignore up to this many feet before counting the amount that would be dealt as damage and then you roll your acrobatics check to see how much of it gets turned into nonlethal and so on.

Also in the armor department I would suggest just saying that they aren't encumbered by armor when it comes to those parts. The check penalty reduction and max dex bonus parts are fine, just say that they aren't encumbered by medium and heavy armor where appropriate.

All in all, I am really liking how this is turning out. Can't wait to see the full thing. :)

Do you have a document of the dragoon type up by any chance?

Personally, I think that 500 feet is obnoxiously high for it to take a full round to fall that far but thats what the core rulebook says...its only mentioned in like one sentence so it tends to get overlooked.

This sounds like the best take I've seen so far on the final fantasy dragoons yet a couple questions first, 1. While an ff dragoon technically ignores fall damage will these dragoons ignore that as well? 2. What is the max damage dice and max jump height these bad boys can attain?

As far as mechanic wise, your dragoons seem to be the best in sticking to their actual inspiration. Something i would suggest is maybe a point pool for their jump height based on half their level like "Dragoons gain a jump pool based on 1/2 class level (minimum 1) + their dexterity modifier each jump point is counted as 10 feet. This might help them in terms of keeping ridiculous heights from being attained too early. Also, remember that for a full round to pass according to height you have to fall 500 feet or more.

That sounds great flavorwise and I will definitely add it. Any other ideas?

There that should fix sorry i forgot i had to turn on access to it.

I will continue to work on this class idea but it may take a while depending on how much time I have to work in it.

I started work on a base class called the Meister. Here is the mockup of it so far. I do not know where to go so far from here but I was thinking of the Meister being given a point pool to spend points on their Weapon Companion to upgrade it with certain abilities. Each of these abilities would not be refundable once chosen. But certain abilities would be spell like effects cast either on the weapon in weapon form or on the player themselves while they wield the weapon in weapon form.

You could go numerous ways with this, first is making it a class archetype that uses a special intelligent item that can snapshot into a limited kind of humanoid. Or you create a race to simulate the weapon race from soul eater as an moc race while giving the meister class leadership as a bonus feat at level 1 to keep the weapon with them. But i feel like allowing a player to role play each half of this kind of thing would get overbalanced very quickly, or a role-playing nightmare when both of the players dont see eye to eye

This sounds a lot like fetching have you read about them before?

Also the idea of a stitched harvesting body parts...Stitched archetype??? Probably something like a racial alchemists like The Harvested or something.

You know for some unique variant inspiration for the stitched i would recommend looking at the art from magic thw gathering's skaabs they're a creature type that is literally what you wanted this race to be. Zombies that are stitched together and animated by morbid alchemists. Very western gothic horror styling.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
(i'm still not sure how you could make an undead construct).

It wouldn't be a full construct per se, but wouldn't a partial undead/construct basically just be an undead that has some kind of construct piece attached to it? Be it an animated metal arm or mechanical leg or something?

So I have been reading a book called Prince of Thorn, and there is a race of mutant humanoids in the book called Leaucrota. They are mutant descendants of people who lived to close to a radioactive/magical source and through it they mutated over the years into a race of horribly bestial and disfigured creatures. I mean, the book describes one of the main ones as having his ribcage poking through the flesh of his abdomen! Some of these beings also show an ability to manipulate different elements such as fire. My thoughts were to use the advanced class race builder to create a race of creatures that could resist fire and even in ways manipulate fire whether that be by absorbing it or causing it to veer away from the by way of spell like abilities like causing fire to veer away from them. Anybody have any thoughts?

There, I updated the Vegepygmy. I tried to balance them more by saying that they are a hybrid of plant and humanoid so they lost a chunk of their plant immunities and I made it so toxic and swarm cannot be used at the same time. I slowed down their speed and changed up their ability score bonuses so that they lose a lot in the strength department. I still want them to retain most of what else I have given them seeing as this is based on what the actual creature is that you would encounter but otherwise I am still open for more suggestions.

I will replace the toxic trait with swarm so they can only get 1 or the other. Speed will get dropped as well, and I will make it so they are proficient with javelins, but not longspears perhaps some unique bonus to how they use them that ties into their unique weapon. I decided that while they do have plant immunities, I would make it so that they have a charisma score and wisdom score b/c a character with only 4 scores is a little lopsided.

whoops! My bad on the whole oversight of all of the different benefits but the swarming one I had in mind more so due to the fact that they would defend and go pretty much ape sh*t when it comes to fighting for their Mold patches and as for the +2 anywhere I was thinking b/c of their origin that it is why the +2 was there. While they don't actually retain any abilities or appearances of their "birthcorpse" they all vary greatly in what they can do. I can make changes to their speed and I was running this off the book and missed the standard stat setup for the race itself. I had also had a unique drawback idea for the race where they were sun dependant and would start to die when they would go places that were too dark for their plant nature to gain benefits from the light.

Hey, I know that I requested the vegepygmy archetype here is the racial writeup I had for it. Feel free to tweak it if you need to.

The Vegepygmy are based on the vegepygmy monster from one of the beastiaries but with more of a culture and even some weaponized uses that revolve around how they are born (birthed? spawned?) from Russet Mold.

Here are my Vegepygmy

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I ran a campaign a while ago that used the monsters called Vegepygmy as a player character race. I revamped it and made it roughly a 10 RP race. Let me know what you guys think of it!

The Vegepygmy

I'm liking the look of the Aetherblade! It has a very soul-knifey vibe to it but also keeps just that right tweak of originality to it as well.

I recommend some kind of vegepygmy archetype if you don't know what a vegepygmy is, look it up. They are hilarious.

Nevermind, I checked the falling distance per round and you fall 500 feet per round but still, at that height the ability to see your target clearly would cause them to take penalties to hit anyways.

What about if you add a point based system for the character class? Like in the hardy landing ability instead of ignoring a set amount of feet that grows with each level give them a pool of points that they can use to enhance a charge whether it's across land or from death from above. Like this:

Dragoon's Resolve:

A Dragon Lancer gets a pool of Resolve points that is equal to 1/2 their Dragon Lancer level + their strength modifier, (minimum 1). A Dragon Lancer can use these points to ignore up to 10 ft of falling damage per point of resolve. A Dragon Lancer may also use a point to increase the distance of their charge by 5 feet when making a Charge combat maneuver. Use of these points must be declared before taking either the Death From Above action or Charge actions. A Dragon Lancer can spend more than one point per charge or death from above maneuver to increase their distance further. A Dragon Lancer's Resolve points are refreshed after a full night's rest.

I saw that the archetype is inspired by the Dragoons from Final Fantasy but worrying about players being overpowered seems kind of like a shortcoming when thinking about mimicking a class of character in a game series that was able to essentially ignore any jump or fall height. If a player wanted to have their Dragon Lancer jump off of a 100 foot cliff on someone I say let him because the pathfinder rules also state that there is a certain amount of distance you can fall in one round. I am almost 100% that a 100 foot drop is going to take 2 rounds before the Lancer actually hits the ground, meaning that it becomes even more of a skillshot and challenge for him to do so. Also, another thing that left me a little worried about the archetype is that although they may be able to do a bunch while outside they are almost useless once they get into buildings with normal height ceilings because building's stories are about 8-10 feet tall. Now, that might be me exaggerating, but with that height the Lancer wouldn't get any kind of benefit from their fall style attacks. So I thought it might help to also give them the benefit of enhancing or speeding up their charge so they could essentially hit a target for a charge that may be a bit further away. Another thing the point pool system could be used for is for a point bonus to their acrobatics jump check so like they may use a point to add a +5 insight bonus to their acrobatics check.

Like the idea of this Dragoon class, I will post my ideas on here in a day or two about how to deal with some of these issues.

Nevermind about how they select their seeds, lol I just reread the implant seed part and saw they select which seeds they want on certain levels.

I love these base classes, but I feel that they are all very similar in how they operate. And I think some rework on how the seed implanting of the verdant blade class would help balance it. Maybe upon a successful critical hit the woad weapon implants a seed of the verdant blade's choice into it's victim? The other thing is does the player get to choose to implant a seed of any from that list the moment he can implant seeds? or does he select what seeds he can implant as though they were like a rogue talent feature where every so many levels he can choose a new seed type to implant in his target?