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So a while ago, I made a class based around the Final Fantasy Dragoon class, complete with the Jump mechanic, heavy armor, advanced abilities with spears, etc. Now, it's the Jump mechanic itself that I'd like everyone's view on.

Currently, I have it set up roughly like this: The Jump is treated as a charge, including the double movement speed, the +2 to hit and -2 to AC. Distance that can be traveled is up to double move speed both vertically and horizontally. So 30 feet forward is 30 feet up. The jump can only be done with weapons in the pole arm weapon group, as the character uses it to vault. If the character has a fly speed from any source (including the prestige that I made for it as well), then the Dragoon can use its fly speed instead of land speed, and the weapon can be of any type, as no vaulting is needed.

The issue comes up with the kind of action the jump requires. Currently, I have it set up so that, when a Dragoon decides to jump, it takes up its entire turn, as they have to leap into the air and come down on the targeted square. The jump resolves at the very beginning of their next turn, dealing bonus damage per ten feet they traveled, capped by a level progression table. So no level 1 dragoons leaping X feet and dealing tons of bonus damage. This means they then have their entire next turn to do whatever they want. Full round, jump to another target, etc. I did this to keep it like the FF Dragoon where, if the enemy moves out of the target square, the attack misses. Eventually, the class gains an ability that lets the sacrifice damage dice to redirect their jump in a way. "Oh? That guy moved 5 feet out of target square to avoid me? Sacrifice a die of damage, redirect the momentum a bit aaaand bam."

So what do you guys think? Is the way I have that jump set up make it a bit too hard to use? I didn't want to just make it a standard charge, because I'd feel like it's a Cavalier variant. Then again, Cavaliers have the limiting factor of "Can I have my mount here, and can it charge?" Whereas I suppose the Dragoon's limit is "how high is the ceiling?" Would it be better to give it the normal Jump with the normal Charge mechanics, and then give it some sort of super jump later on that takes longer to go off?

This sounds like the best take I've seen so far on the final fantasy dragoons yet a couple questions first, 1. While an ff dragoon technically ignores fall damage will these dragoons ignore that as well? 2. What is the max damage dice and max jump height these bad boys can attain?

As far as mechanic wise, your dragoons seem to be the best in sticking to their actual inspiration. Something i would suggest is maybe a point pool for their jump height based on half their level like "Dragoons gain a jump pool based on 1/2 class level (minimum 1) + their dexterity modifier each jump point is counted as 10 feet. This might help them in terms of keeping ridiculous heights from being attained too early. Also, remember that for a full round to pass according to height you have to fall 500 feet or more.

Why thank you. Max damage is 10d8 at 19th level. And yes, they eventually become immune to fall damage, but that comes at 17th level as currently written. They start by being immune to the first 4d6 of fall damage, which is easily attainable at low levels. However, that does not upgrade for a few levels, so while it is entirely possible for them to have even more move speed, they would start taking fall damage again beyond that. Max height, in general, will be tied to their max move speed. Huh...500 feet eh? I can't say I knew that one.

Personally, I think that 500 feet is obnoxiously high for it to take a full round to fall that far but thats what the core rulebook says...its only mentioned in like one sentence so it tends to get overlooked.

Do you have a document of the dragoon type up by any chance?

dotting cause i love FFT 1's dragoons

I have it typed up on my computer as a mostly done work in progress. I'll link to it tonight when I get home from work. And yeah, Dragoon's were so fun. I had...probably too many of them in my party.

Alright, let's see if this posts right. Dragoon WIP.

I love how it's turning out. One thing, are the feats referenced in this class write up coming out later as you finish the write up?

Also something that might cut down on some of the text in the document is if you were to remove the damage dice and just use feet as ten foot increments instead this way the math wouldn't be so heavy for everyone and you just follow the ignore up to this many feet before counting the amount that would be dealt as damage and then you roll your acrobatics check to see how much of it gets turned into nonlethal and so on.

Also in the armor department I would suggest just saying that they aren't encumbered by armor when it comes to those parts. The check penalty reduction and max dex bonus parts are fine, just say that they aren't encumbered by medium and heavy armor where appropriate.

All in all, I am really liking how this is turning out. Can't wait to see the full thing. :)

Thank you, thank you. The feats are actually 3pp feats. Near and Far allowing a person to attack adjacent foes with a reach weapon, Shaft and Shield allowing a person to use a two handed polearm with one hand as long as they have a shield, and Death from Above.... well, thats actually a core feat that gives you a bonus to damage if you charge at enemies from above them

Also, Im not quite sure what you mean in the second part of your post. Are you referring to the bonus damage on the jump being determined by how many feet you move? Are you saying it should be removed and just basically have it as 1d8 per ten feet with no cap on the damage, but you still take fall damage once Intertial Dampener stops negating the damage?

No, sorry just the part about fall damage when it relates to your own character like how much damage do I take for falling fifty feet and such. The core rulebook talks about falling damage your character takes based on how far you fall. And your Inertial Dampener does a good job of explaining that, but maybe link it back to the falling damage rules in the core book could help reduce the number crunching a bit.

For example instead of Inertial Dampener saying "ignore 4D6 worth of falling damage..." instead have it say "ignore the first 10 feet of your fall in relation to falling damage..." instead keep the growth of Inertial Dampener as is, just relate it more to feet instead of dice. It would help simplify the math part of calculating your character's falling damage before level 17 a bit easier.

Ahh okay, I see what you mean. Yeah, that is definitely an option for that.

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Not bad but I do like leaping strike, as written by Sean Reynolds back in the day, it's quite an elegant solution instead of having to take into account multiple jumping feet, which most of the times , doesn't matter:

Leaping Strike .

Something worth considering and wouldn't trivialize acrobatics check too much in later levels.

Shamelessly take and cherry pick from various classes, like the jumping bonuses from Ninja might be worth looking into.

Ive seen that feat before, and while interesting, Im not sure it quite fits the theme. But it could be worth scavenging for mechanics. I had considered the use of an Acrobatics check to determine distance, but I felt like that would be a bit more confusing and less consistent. Oh and trust me, I know how cherry picking abilities goes. Another homebrew class I made with 4 different ability paths did that a decent but. I'll look into the Ninja jump however, thanks!

I don't know how you feel about it, but technically, if an animal is able to leap great distances, then their bodies have to be strong enough to withstand the forces that exerts on them.

If they can attain any given height on their own power, then they can withstand the landing as well. Been working on my own Dragoon class (as it seems 9.9*10^n+1 people have done and are doing). That was one of the main issues I had with it. I just did away with the fall damage and mitigation. What good does it do to jump anyway when flight is so easily attained mid-game and you can't bull rush people off cliffs (because you have to end movement in a safe, empty square)?

EDIT: I also borrowed heavily from the ninja. I actually built a ninja that used a lance and asked the DM to make a couple of houserules to make the dragoon concept work, and that's where I started building from.

Good luck with your class design!

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