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An interesting introduction


I loved this book from page one. It is an interesting dip into cultures vastly different from my own and those most commonly found in RPGs. It was simple and fun to read. I especially liked the religions section, because it showed different perspectives on well known Pathfinder gods as well as introducing new ones.

My only problem with the booklet is that it is so short, 64 pages just isn't enough to properly expand on the vast continent that is Tian-Xia. Only a single page for each country and barely a paragraph for each god, it leaves a lot up to the imagination, and though that is also a good thing, I'd really like to know more about Yaezhing, Bachuan, and The Broken Lotus, among others.

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Lots of variation


I recently bought this pawn collection at a local game store and I have to say I'm quite happy with it already. I love that the art on many of the pawns is a bit different from in the bestiaries, no longer does all dogs need to look alike! Actual cheetah pawns! More variations of mephits! I remember being disappointed that the Bestiary Box only had fire mephits. I also like that huge elementals have been included as it seems I don't have any from before. But speaking of elementals, I do wish you hadn't only included the base types.