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Anarchy rules the day


Crimson throne curse, I think is a novel idea to start a AP. Sets up a different tone than usual. With the back drop of an ambitious queen to boot makes for a nice stirring of city intrigue. The Harrow deck also helps to incorporate more flavor to the recipe of the series. The owner can do readings in a spectral manner is a nice touch. The possible rioting and chase of a blamed king-killer, last minute saving by a local folk hero helps to pull the players into the plot of things to come. Regicide or not this AP starts off with a attention grabber and keeps one riding along for a thrill.

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Good AP start


Like the layout as its easy to read with a good flow to it. Broken into chapters helps to gauge the module progress. Don't like the creatures, but the way Paizo has made the goblins so very different, makes for a different template not to be expected. Having done this I have come to hate the goblins with a real passion as they are meant to be. Good module in a AP to help initiate players into the RP genre for sure is extremely valuable. The extra material at the end provides more flavor or the GM if so desired. Nice option there to have if so needed. Nice way to kick it off James Jacobs.

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Glad to own it


The Skinsaw murders is by far a better work overall and shows how Paizo gets their fan base and the fantasy RPG. The foxglove theme is done perfectly in this "who done it scenario" and gives the players a run for their money in all aspects. Reading this one was a complete joy being a GM. Players should become captivated by the story and investigative process in which to follow through on, while continuing the Runelord AP. Happy hunting on this Sherlock Holmes insert.