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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

It shipped September 1st. I have since received the subscription order after that. Tracking on the order stopped updating somewhere in Ohio mid September. I emailed and left a voice mail but thought this might work better since I know folks are not in the office.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Any chance the player’s guide will come out this week? I received my shipment and would love to start running it for my local group but it seems like there are questions in the guide to get them started.

Would be sweet to get it soon.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

We have seen the influences at the end of the core book. That was why they asked to see if there were more at the end of the AP book.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I ran this for a group of four as an intense two day game. Ten hours the first day and probably ten the second day.

We hadn’t played Aeon Throne so have only compared it to Dead Suns... and we super enjoyed it.

In session zero we discussed the type of horror we wanted and agreed that we wanted less Saw and more psychological horror and the adventure paid in spades. As the judge I was able to amp up the psychological stuff and the first day my players were incredibly creeped out. Personally, I couldn’t get over how well it was designed in that we spent hours without any big combat scenes and everyone had a blast. It was crazy good.

So kudos to the author. Literally some of the most fun I have had running a game in ages.

Only two things I would have liked to see.

1. More horror in the last bit that could be spun by the judge into situations that didn’t involve combat.
2. My players continually asked if there was a list at the back of the book of things that inspired the author. They wanted a list of fiction the could then go and consume.

Seriously though, well done. I owe the author a beer.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I love that art! Is it showing a class or what?

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Can someone direct me to some sort of guide on how to put my character online? Like above I see Sev has all his stats and such which seems super useful. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do the same.

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Having scrambled behind cover Dakes pulled out a small pistol. Seeing people firing he tries to determine who fired in the direction of passengers on the shuttle.

If they fired at them... there is a chance he would be next. Taking aim at the closest he snapped off a single shot.

Attack against eac: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 171d6 ⇒ 6

To be honest, Dakes was completely surprised by this. Why are they firing at us? Who was that man? What in the world is going on?

He did his best to get a solid look at any of the people firing. Who were they?

(Not sure if that would be sense motive, culture, perception, or whatever so will roll a d20 and post the bonuses for those skills.)

figuring out what is up: 1d20 ⇒ 12 (sense motive +8, culture +11, perception +8)

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Dakes Kor fidgeted in his seat a little as he observed those around him. The gnome is used to not seeing many of his race around but it never really bothered him. “Everyone is just so interesting,” he thought to himself as he looked about the ship.

He saw an android seemingly excited and a Vesk studying something in their hand. There was another person in the ship tinkering with some object. Dakes was never good with technology so had no idea what was going on and immediately thought, “I will have to look this up when I make it to the station. It is intriguing.”

Head cradled in his palm he just watched the individual tinker.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

That was what I was afraid on the healing thing. Honestly I will probably have to handwave that. Making it so healers take damage to try to heal the tank is goofy.

Then again, I am also firmly against needle rifles with health syringes in them dealing damage too. Dang it, we need Ana from Overwatch. :lol:

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I had my player ask because by trading to a slightly different same tier frame he would save BPs on things like adding on heavy weapon points that the Maiden doesn't have but come stock on the other frame.

Then I had to dig way further into ship upgrading than I, as a GM, wanted. :lol:

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

For those running the path.

Do you let the guys trade out the Sunrise Maiden for a different frame or just have them stick to upgrading it? I had a player ask under the auspice of "trade it to a museum for a nicer base frame of equivalent value" and then upgrade the new frame.

And when would they do their upgrades? They seem to be going place to place as the books come out without much downtime to take days and upgrade a ship. My concern is whether hand waving the time spent might make them too powerful for any ship combat... but not letting them upgrade the Maiden might make them too weak. I am genuinely not sure for which structure the AP was designed.

Last question. First encounter in this book, the operative is sniping. He has debilitating trick but no weapons with the operative quality. Are people just assuming bad guys break rules and letting him do his trick with the sniper rifle? That is probably what I will do but wanted to make sure I didn't miss something specific that allowed a sniper to do a trick.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Followup question. What about someone healing them. I assume they aren't shocked via touching for a mystic heal?

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Fwiw, I super enjoyed running this scenario and my table did as well. At this point our local community loves the idea of collecting music on their chronicle sheets so the fact Abysshead had an album on it immediately sold them.

We also thought the drow coming back from the party was funny and had a distinct personality that they enjoyed.

Running it, i wish the names of the four guards and the keys they carrie did had been in a pull out box in the pdf. In the midst of running it I found it a little difficult to find.

Finally, I want to give the author kudos for integrating sniping, often people are interested but the maps are too small to really make it worthwhile. Integrating sniping from a building outside the building containing the fight was a super awesome idea and really made it seem like a modern heist. Not only that, but there is something to be side for shots ringing in through windows to make a player feel like a clever hero.

Overall, well done.

Now there just needs to be a Spotify playlist of music to simulate Abysshead that I can play for the payers in the future!

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Thanks for the clarification. I had the lines flipped. Will have to correct that in the future!

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Though I do have another question. How are you guys recording this on the chronicle sheets?

I have been making my players list their factions at the bottom of the sheet in those spaces and then I add any reputation earned in the first dashed line by the faction and have them keep a running total for that faction in the second dashed line.

Is that what others are doing?

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Alanya wrote:
Also, there's a check box when reporting a scenario that asks if the special faction objective was fulfilled. This is immediately following the A-D check boxes, meaning either the entire table gets it, or no one gets it. If checked, it awards the bonus reputation to everyone at the table. If nothing else, this is a clear indicator that everyone at the table is supposed to get it, regardless of faction slotted.

Well dang. I have reported like 12 Starfinder tables and never seen that box. So much ugh.

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I love all of this so much.

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Thanks to both of you for the clarification.

To be honest, it seemed wrong to me but I couldn’t find any rationale in the rules as to why. The dueling sword comparison makes sense.

And I had the same thought on the weapon seals. Seemed goofy but not only was unarmed listed as a weapon (like Shaudius said) but also seemed limiting to not allow them for a character who just wants to punch things.

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But page 187 just lists the battleglove as a type and gives examples in parenthesis of examples (including a cestus among others).

That is what had me wondering. It specifically names the page with the category of weapon rather than a page with a chart giving choices of weapons to mimic.

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One of the players in my Society game today asked (because much of the equipment in AA was cleared for Society play) if he could use the stats from the Crest-Eater bone cestus. The hammerfist lets him treat his unarmed attacks as if he had a battleglove his level or lower. He is second level and the bone cestus has a second level version. It does a d6 rather than the d4 gloves in the core book.

So three questions:

1. Our reading that he can do that, is it correct?
2. Does he also get the bleed damage critical effect that the bone cestus has?
3. Does hammerfist allow him to use weapon seals on his unarmed attacks that mimic battle gloves?

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Awesome. Thanks guys. Hadn’t been asked it before and when I spoke to other Venture folks they said the same Thieves Guild thing. Which we didn’t see in Starfinder. Super thanks for the quick responses!

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In a recent game we run at our local shop a player asked this question. We weren’t sure of the answer so thought I should ask here.

Sleight of Hand, in the Core, says it can be used in lieu of a Profession check to earn money (under the guise of entertaining). The Society Guide says day job rolls can be had for a trained Profession.

So the question is: can a player with ranks in sleight of Hand but no ranks in Profession use that for a day job roll at the end of a Society module?

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I will look into that.

In general I think it has real potential. The high school students are excited about it and when I tapped one of them after the first quest and said, "You are going to run it for the next group" he immediately assented and seemed excited.

Which is actually all I really wanted. My goal is to get them confident to run games for friends and family. I got one of the local libraries to start carrying some of the core books for a few RPGs so it gets resources out there in the community (via the teens) to really spread the growth of the hobby.

Especially if it gets teens sitting down and playing with their parents.

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Basically how are folks handling organized play in this setting.

For years I have run DCC RPG in school as a drop in and drop out sort of adventure. We pick up each week where we left off the previous week and sometimes the players were different by a person or two. Things like making up a test after school keeps one kid away but another kid can make it that week, etc.

So I have started with the Starfinder Quests in that we can generally get mostly through one quest in the hour after school (and if not we can easily finish it in two sessions split over two weeks).

After those quests are done though, we get into larger adventures that will take those kids a month and a half to work through.

1. How is that even logged (one adventure, one table, multiple days played?) and how do people handle the flaky nature of some teens showing up.

2. With a limit of seven, how are others handling larger crowds?

I specifically am asking because after hunting down schools that were listed on their websites as doing PFS and contacting their sponsors I discovered that many of them stopped doing organized play for the very reasons I mentioned.

But I am an educator and a nerd about organizing things so I sort of want to puzzle out a way to make it work.

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I am basically looking for other educators running PFS or SFS in an academic setting with whom I can share notes and get advice.

I have done an after school game and RPG club for many years but have not done organized play with them. They are interested and I have started running some Starfinder. Would generally love to be able to pick the brains of other educators doing the same.