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If I successfully counterspell a spell using Dispel Magic, would Destructive Dispel trigger? The wording only specifies a 'targeted dispel check', and while that term is used to describe targeting an existing spell effect, when using Dispel Magic to counterspell it does say that the spell targets a spellcaster. So while it isn't the 'targeted dispel check' outlined in the spell description, it is a dispel check with a target. A similar feat (Dispel Synergy) specifies dispelling ongoing magical effects, which Destructive Dispel does not.

dragonhunterq wrote:

Some feats are more useful than others, and some feats are more effective for some classes than others.

If you don't have channel energy then Sarenraes second boon isn't going to be very useful for you. Now you get to decide if it's still worth it for your character.

I agree with the part about not having channel energy, but I'm still curious about boons that mention 'Exalted' levels when one has none. Would that just mean that that boon has no effect for non-exalted?

Looking at the Deific Obedience feat, I'm wondering how some of the boons would function for someone without the Exalted prestige class. For instance, Sarenrae's second boon says you add your Exalted levels to your cleric levels for calculating the power of your channel energy. If you're not an Exalted, would this ability do anything? What if you have the feat, but no cleric levels?

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but you could see about getting a Simulacrum (or the real thing, I guess) of Nocticula to give a +6 profane bonus, instead of the Succubus' +2.

Additionally, being venerable (as opposed to middle-aged) would give a net +3 to mental stats, with a -6 to physical (although there should be ways to avoid that, at 20th level).

The spell Moment of Greatness can also double a morale bonus for a single check.

The feat Virtuous Creed (of Humility) allows you to add your Wisdom to diplomacy, in addition to Charisma.

That's what my friend says. I was arguing that he (the Tarrasqe) might be affected by ability drain (not damage), and he said that Permanent Wounds might just be a catch-all
Edit: Looking at the updated Tarrasque, it does list immunity to energy drain. RIP players

Under a few monster entries (the Tarrasque and the Firebleeder come to mind) it lists immunity to 'Permanent Wounds.' What exactly is this? Does it mean limb loss or some such?

What type of effect is Nocticula's Seductive Presence? If it functions like Frightful Presence, it would be fear (which doesn't make sense since the chance of a paladin meeting her in Wrath of the Righteous is fairly high). I could also see it being enchantment, but that would defeat the purpose of the ability. Does it just not have a type?

I think that creating a thoughtform creature is a different type of manifestation than offensive or defensive, so the ability would not allow for their creation outside of an actual psychic duel.

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
Are the occult skill unlocks magical and/or divination effects?

Thanks! I already have Ill Omen, actually. Mind Thrust I and II, as well, since I could do decent damage early on. I'll probably keep taking them, but they look like they fall off a bit. The added status effects are nice, but the kinda odd scaling makes them look a bit weird (to me, at least). I'm not sure if the change from d6s to d8s is worth another spell level. Admittedly, I don't usually play full casters, so this is purely subjective.

Magical Knack gives me +2 to my psychic level, and expanded arcana will help me fill out spells known. The archetypes I took (wildblooded stormborn and spell sage) give some conditional though potent boosts (+2 during weather, and +4 1 spell/day).

While I'll still have high DC's (mythic and all), I know we'll be facing some potent enemies, so save-or-suck spells will not be as useful then.

I didn't even know Battering Blast was a thing, but I'll probably get a staff of it, at least.

Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it!

My friend is running Wrath of the Righteous (albeit heavily modified). For whatever reason, I decided to make a character focused around a high caster level.
If anyone has a suggestion for a good spell to pick up, I'd appreciate it. I know many of the classics, but with a really high CL and lower save DC's, I'd love some suggestions.
At this point, I'm an Arial Wildblooded Sorcerer 1, Spell Sage Wizard 1, and Psychic 4. So, the psychic spell list will be my primary one to choose spells from, but I'll have plenty of access to staves, etc, so no spell is really out of the question.
Thanks in advance!

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
What exactly is the Harrow? Is it a plane (the Harrow Bloodline mentions a Harrow Realm)? Is it something like the Speed Force? I'm going to be playing a Harrower, and the concept interests me, but I can't find much material on it. Are there any resources I could peruse for more information about it?